7 Horse Stall Fans to FIGHT Off the Summer Heat [Reviews]

Why Use Horse Stall Fans?

It is critical to have horse stall fans running in the heat to keep your horses cool. Summer heat is difficult for both horses and humans. Having fans in the barn will help keep everyone cool and happy. Fans, in addition to cooling horses, help maintain appropriate airflow and prevent mold growth and odors. During the summer, they are a must-have.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Barn Fan

You can find many dangerous airborne substances in horse stables, such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Stable fans bring in fresh air and exhaust tainted air from the inside.

Barn Fans Help Prevent Respiratory Infections

Animals in stables tend to breathe toxic air in barns that lack appropriate ventilation. Because horses’ respiratory systems are so delicate, fresh air is very important to them.

Heaves and other respiratory illnesses are hazardous to your horse and can also be costly to treat. Heave is a common respiratory condition that horses get through inhaling airborne irritants like dust and fungi, similar to how humans get asthma.

Barn Fans Keep Insects at Bay

Many insects will stay away from your horse thanks to the air circulation that fans provide. Some fly species, like the bot fly, are so little and light that they blow away easily.

Some of the most serious and aggressive pests, on the other hand, require a lot of air to stay away from your animal. Barn fans keep your horse cool and help them sweat less, which means fewer horseflies.

In addition to fans, you must keep your horse stall clean. Insects carry disease and cause intestinal worms, so you’ll want to do everything possible to limit your horse’s exposure to them. Fly masks and boots might assist in protecting your animal if you don’t have access to a fan. Read our article and find out 7 Of The Best Fly Sheets For Horses.

Barn Fans Help Minimize Humidity

Fresh air circulates in barns, reducing moisture and preventing bacteria growth and ammonia buildup. Humidity buildup also makes pee smell worse and is unclean in general.

Fans Keep the Stable and Horse Cool

Most of us cool down our horses before putting them back in their stalls. Still, they benefit from the air blowing across their bodies, which lowers their body temperature, especially on hot days.

Overheating horses are prone to dehydration, so keep yours cool and hydrated. And, as previously said, cold horses produce less sweat, attracting fewer mosquitoes.

The Different Types of Barn Fans

Outdoor barn ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and circulation fans are all common types of fans you can find in barns. We’ll concentrate on circulation fans, specifically wall-mounted and aisle fans. You can position barn fans with powerful motors to ensure airflow in your barn and keep harmful insects away from your animals. It also creates a refreshing breeze throughout the day.

Wall-Mounted Fans

Wall-mounted fans are quite expensive but are worth the price. There are many good wall-mounted fans you can buy on amazon. There are those with closed motor fans for barns and many others.

Most horse owners like to circulate air and keep their animals cool by using wall-mounted fans in their stalls. When the temperatures are high in the summer, they’re a must-have.

It’s crucial not only to choose the right fan but also to install it in a location that allows for optimum airflow and is safe. The location of your wall-mounted fan depends on the design of your barn. However, there are some fundamentals to consider. You should raise the fan enough to circulate the air without blowing shavings or dust around the stall.

It should also be out of your animal’s reach, with no exposed cords that it could strangle. If you blow across your animal with the fan outside the stall, it shouldn’t be so low that it lifts objects off the ground. A fan gets the best air when you put it near a window, but it’s not uncommon for people to mount them close to the barn center.

To locate the best placement for your horse, you’ll need to experiment and place the fan in various locations. It’s important to keep in mind that you want to spread fresh air around your horse without disturbing too much garbage.

Aisle fans

It is best to utilize barrel fans to bring fresh air and sometimes take out stale air for your horse stable. You should position the fans at the end of the aisle to bring in the fresh air. These portable fans are necessary for dehumidification and air circulation.

They include wheels so you can quickly roll them out of the way when not in use. They’re very useful on hot days. 

Our Top Pick for Horse Stall Fans

You have many fans to choose from. Some are for a specific purpose, but all require certain features to be worth your time and money. Fortunately, whether you need something small or large, there are many models with various features, so picking one should be simple!

Our first choice for horse stall fans is the Lasko High-Velocity Quick Mount fan, which is durable and affordable. It has three speeds, and you can easily adjust.

Our Equine Barn Fan Shopping Guide

The air inside a horse barn must always be clean because horses spend a lot of time there. The simplest approach to accomplish so while preserving an attractive appearance is to use high-quality fans!

You already know that good air quality is important for horses. You should also realize that having the correct equipment when cooling your horse is equally critical? A fan can aid with general wellness and provide a breeze on those hot summer days and nights. A simple investment in a productive machine could pay off big time!

There are many different fans; the first step is to establish which type of fan will work best for your application and where you will need to install one. I’ll describe how we use fans and why we put them where we do in this piece, but first, let’s go over the basics of barn fans.

Enclosed motors

The inclusion of the enclosed motors first is because it is one of the most important qualities a barn fan should have. Horse stalls are notorious for being dusty and dirty, so ensure you protect the motor if you want your investment in this equipment to stay! Fans that suck dirt and debris into their motors can damage the fan or cause it to catch fire. 

Because it has shelter from the elements, filth, and moisture, an enclosed motor lasts longer.

A shedrow barn with fans mounted to the front of the stalls is what we have. Because these barns are open, the fans get exposure to dampness, necessitating the usage of an enclosed motor.

Fans with enclosed motors are often more expensive and last much longer. However, because they are more efficient and last longer, they will save you money in the long run.

Motors that have an enclosure are also significantly safer. Hay and other flammable materials can get into exposed fan motors, providing a serious fire risk in horse barns. The engine should be adequate for your needs if it is for outdoor usage or includes the phrase “sealed.”

Fan Speeds

A stall fan should have a flow rate of 2,000 cubic feet (56.6 cubic meters) per minute (CFM). This airspeed allows for sufficient airflow without causing a dust storm. When you require less airflow, you should utilize a fan with a variable speed setting.

Commercial Grade

Manufacturers make commercial and domestic versions of the same product, as they do with most things. In my experience, paying more for a fan with a heavier shell but the same internal components isn’t usually worth it.

However, this isn’t always the case; you’ll have to look into each fan to see the distinctions between the commercial and residential models.

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At a Glance – The Best Equine Barn Fans

Name of the ProductBest for CaseMax CFM
Lasko High-Velocity Quick Mount fanBest overall horse stall fan 3,650 CFM
Air King 9318 Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi-Mount FanBest air-throw horse stall fan3,190 CFM
Air King 9020 1/6 HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan Best for budget horse stall fan3,670 CFM
Tornado – High-Velocity Industrial Wall FanBest energy efficient horse stall fan
4,000 CFM
Schaefer VK20-B Versa-Kool FanBest deep guard circulation fan
5,470 CFM
Hurricane HGC736474 Pro-Series High-Velocity Metal Wall Mount Fan Best auto-shut horse stall fan
4,500 CFM
DEWALT DXF-2490 High-Velocity Industrial, Drum, Floor, Barn, Warehouse FanBest high-speed horse stall fan  6,500 CFM

Reviewing the Best Horse Stall Fans

Lasko High-Velocity Quick Mount Fan: Best Overall Horse Stall Fan

Brand: Lasko

Electric fan design: Floor fan

Power source: Corded electric

Special feature: Electric stovetop compatible

Room type: Bedroom

Mounting type: Wall mount

Indoor/outdoor usage: Indoor

Style: 2,264qm

Max CFM: 3,650

Sizes: 20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

Colors: Black

Waterproof: Yes

About This Item

Lasko came into existence in 1906 to design and manufacture the greatest small appliances, such as fans and portable heaters for the home. Lasko has acquired the confidence and recognition it deserves because of its high-quality appliances, low prices, and great after-sales support.

Lasko’s commitment to quality and value has not changed despite the time. The Lasko High-velocity convertible floor and wall fan is one of the forgiving appliances produced by this business.

You can install this fan on the wall or set it on the floor. It comes with a bracket for putting it on the wall. It’s simple to change it from a floor to a wall-mounted fan. It’s simple to put together because it doesn’t require any tools.

It has a maximum CFM of 3,650, which is low compared to other fans yet enough for the job. It also creates a lot of noise. This fan contains entirely high-quality materials. It contains a sealed motor and a fused safety plug to ensure the fans turn off if the unit becomes too hot.

Air King 9318 Industrial Grade High-Velocity Multi-Mount Fan: Best Air-Throw Horse Stall Fan

Amazon’s Choice in Table Fans by Air King

Brand: Air King

Style: Fan

Electric fan design: Floor fan

Power source: Corded electric

Special feature: 3 powerful speeds, multi-mount design, pull cord switch, pivoting fan head

Mounting type: Wall mount

Indoor/outdoor usage: Indoor

Max CFM: 3,190 CFM

Sizes: 18 inches (45.7 centimeters)

Colors: Black

Waterproof: Yes

About This Item

The Airking 9318 has a sealed motor that improves efficiency. It’s simple to install on ceilings, walls, and steel beams. A powerful engine aids instant air circulation. Custom ranges come with a variety of speed options. You can set the parking range to whatever you like.

It’s simple to set up and use for a long period. Blade guards, according to Powder, make it more durable. The fan originates from the United States and satisfies AMCA requirements. Because the motor has an enclosure, dust does not accumulate. The Airking 9318 is a quiet fan.

For ultra-powerful speeds, blades, and an outside steel cage, this 18 inches (45.7 centimeters) multi-mount industrial-grade fan is ideal. You can use it to cool a horse barn, a gym, a church, a garage, a warehouse, a restaurant, or a hospital. Though it has a lot to offer, we thought the one-year warranty was worth mentioning.

Air King 9020 1/6 HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan: Best for Budget Horse Stall Fan

Amazon’s Choice in Wall-Mounted Fans by Air King

Brand: Air King

Electric fan design: Floor fan

Power source: Corded electric

Special feature: 3 powerful speeds, pivoting and a rotating head,

Mounting type: Wall

Indoor/outdoor usage: Indoor

Style: Mount fan

Max CFM: 3,670 CFM

Sizes: 20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

Colors: Black 

Waterproof: Yes

About This Item

The Air-King 9020 industrial grade fan is a low-maintenance 20 inches (50.8 centimeters) fan. You can only place it on the wall, and it has a 3,670 capacity, which is decent for a stable horse fan. It has three speeds to choose from. It does not have a lot of noise.

The Air-King 9020 blades are powder coated to prevent rust. It is also subjected to safety testing following AMCA standard 230.99. It also meets ETA and OSHA requirements. The Air Monarch is the king of all portable fans for horse stalls, as the name implies. It’s the “greatest wall-mount fan,” according to Amazon. 

This Air king wall-mount fan has 20 blades and is powder-coated steel with three powerful speeds. It’s known for being a “high-velocity, low-maintenance fan.” This fan is from the United States and does not require expert assembly because it makes life easier for users.

It would be a terrific addition to the horse barn because of the industrial-grade huge space air circulation. It is more adaptable than any other fan offered online due to the pull cord switch and rotating fan head.

Tornado High-Velocity Industrial Wall Fan: Best Energy Efficient Horse Stall Fan

Amazon’s Choice in Wall-Mounted Fans by Tornado Fans

Brand: Tornado Fans

Electric fan design: Table fan

Power source: AC

Special feature: High-velocity

Mounting type: Wall mount

Indoor/outdoor usage: Outdoor

Style: Wall mount fan

Max CFM: 4,000

Sizes:18 inches (45.7 centimeters)

Colors: Black

Waterproof: Yes

About This Item

The Tornado High-Velocity Metal Industrial Workstation Wall Mount Fan is a high-velocity metal industrial wall mount fan. It is ideal for stores, patios, backyards, warehouses, and workstations in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. It is best for outdoor use.

It has 4,000 CFM air delivery with three-speed levels. It protects the motor from workshop debris and other dust with a strong duty thermally protected direct drive AC completely enclosed ball bearing motor. It also has a vertical tilting angle of 360 degrees, and its maximum decibel level is 65.

It’s simple to put together and use. With the new, hassle-free packaging and simple assembly, you’ll be able to use your new fan as soon as you open the box. It only takes seconds to hang it from the wall or the ceiling.

The revolutionary Tornado technology lowers noise, making it one of the quietest metal fans available. 

Schaefer VK20-B Versa-Kool: Best Deep Circulation Fan

Brand: Schaefer

Electric fan design: Ceiling

Power source: Corded electric

Special feature: Variable speed controls  

Mounting type: Ceiling 

Indoor/outdoor usage: Indoor

Style: Ceiling mount fan

Max CFM:  5,470

Sizes: 20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

Waterproof: Yes

About This Item

With Schaefer’s specially designed circulation fans, you can reduce heat stress and improve air quality. These fans are the best in the market, built to create more air movement and superior cooling in any application. You can’t hear them because you’re not paying attention. They aren’t visible. You can only sense them!

These fans, also known as Horizontal Air Flow (HAF) fans, circulate air in a consistent horizontal pattern. They generate a gentle ‘racetrack’ airflow pattern necessary in greenhouses to optimize heat distribution and humidity control by mixing the air from the ceiling to the floor.

Hurricane HGC736474 Pro-Series High-Velocity Metal Wall Mount Fan: Best Auto-Shut Horse Stall Fan

Brand: Hurricane

Electric fan design: Floor fan

Power source: 120v

Special feature: Portable, high-velocity

Mounting type: Free standing

Style: Floor fan

Color: Black

Max CFM: 4,500

Sizes: 20 inches (50.8 centimeters)

Waterproof: Yes

About This Item

Hurricane has a wide range of fans to meet your demands. Their heavy-duty 20 inches (50.8 centimeters) wall mount fan is a wonderful choice for a horse stable. It is not constructed of high-quality metal. The product finishing is with a black powder-coated finish, making it more durable.

It’s available in three different speeds. It has a high capacity of 4,500 CFM, which makes it ideal for barns. Not only can you tilt it, but you can also oscillate it. It includes a built-in technology that turns off the fans when they reach a certain temperature.

Because of its adaptability, careful construction, great performance, and dependability, this Hurricane fan is highly recommended. 

This Hurricane fan’s adaptability makes it suitable for use in homes, greenhouses, garages, workshops, and horse stalls. It’s a must-have horse stall because of the heavy-duty aluminum blades, well-assembled tube base, 1,400 RPM, and 4,500 CFM speed.

DEWALT DXF-2,490 High-Velocity Industrial, Drum, Floor, Barn, Warehouse Fan: Best High-Speed Horse Stall Fan


Style: DXF-2,490

Electric fan design: Floor fan

Power source: Corded electric

Special feature: Manual

Mounting type: Floor mount

Color: Yellow

Max CFM: 6,500 CFM

Sizes: 24 inches (60.9 centimeters)

Waterproof: Yes

About This Item

This high-velocity fan’s step-less speed adjustment allows you to customize airflow while providing ventilation for big spaces. The motor is on recess to prevent damage if the fan drops or knocks over. A 12 feet (3.7 meters) power chord with a cord wrap design gives extra reach and storage. 

A heavy-duty metal enclosure that is simple to build and disassemble for easy and convenient maintenance. Eight inches (20.3 centimeters) rubber pneumatic wheels are available for convenient moving. Natural precision movement is possible because of the 90-degree tilt adjustability. 

The grid spacing is small to prevent accidental fingers and paws from getting in. With a built-in carry handle and a unique outlook design. Four inches (10.2 centimeters) high-velocity floor fan for homes, workshops, factories, garages, gyms, barns, and other similar locations.

The grounded power cord is 12 feet (3.7 meters) long. It has a CFM of 6,500 and an RPM of 1050. A 360-degree adjustable tilt directs airflow and dynamic circulation. Thanks to the non-skid foot pad, folding handle, and wide wheels, it’s easy to transport.

The blades have robust aluminum and durable metal. A five-year limited guarantee and prompt and courteous customer service are available.


Our Final Verdict

A safe horse barn fan keeps the animals cool while also relieving your stress. As a result, you should select the fan based on the barn’s location and size and the fan’s velocity, energy efficiency, and safety standards. This list of the top stall fans for horses will assist you in selecting the ideal one.

If you would like to have the best horse stall fan to fight off the summer heat, get yourself the 

Lasko High-Velocity Quick Mount Fan. It is the best fan as it is durable and affordable. It also comes in three speeds, and you can therefore adjust it according to your needs.