7 Of The Best Fly Sheets For Horses

What is a Horse Fly Sheet?

To choose the best fly sheets for horses, you must consider their shape, weight, materials, and protection levels. This means that you would have to determine your horse’s needs before you choose.  

When summer approaches, it is all about sun shirts, shows, and trail rides. However, it also means that you have to deal with flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. Consequently, you have to protect your horse from summer bugs.

We have spent several years working with other experts in the equine industry offering horse owners essential advice. Our experience enabled us to research the best fly sheets for horses to help you find the best fly sheet for your horse.

In our research, we discovered that Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Neck – Removing Mosquito Net is the best overall flysheet for horses.

However, every horse is different. As a result, this comprehensive guide includes reviews of the best brands for different categories of fly sheets for horses.

Let’s dig in. Shall we?

Our Top Pick for Horse Fly Sheets

Our top pick for horse fly sheets is Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Neck – Removing Mosquito Net. We picked this brand because it is has a durable material with a functional design. It is also adjustable, which allows it to fit different horse sizes. Above all, it protects your horse from the nastiest bugs.

Horse with Fly Mask

The Best Fly Sheets for Equines: At a Glance

Product NameNotable FeatureBest for Case
Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Neck – Removing Mosquito NetDurable ripstop weave that contains tears.Best Overall
amiGO Evolution Fly SheetExcellent fit.Best Fit and Technology
TuffRider Comfy MESH Fly SheetBreathable polyester mesh.Best Back-Up sheet
Tough 1 Deluxe Contour Scrim CoverDouble buckle front closure, halter tie, and lycra.Best Full Body Fly Sheet
Cashel Crusader Mask Ears LongCoated micro nylon mesh.Best Budget
HILASON Horse Fly Sheet UV Protect Mesh Bug Mosquito Summer Spider PrintBuilt-in UV protection.Best UV Protection
Tough 1 Zebra Mesh Fly SheetZebra print on a mesh and light fabric.Best for Flying Pests Resistance

7 Horse Fly Sheet Reviews

Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Neck – Removing Mosquito Net – Best Overall


This fly sheet is an excellent choice for those who are not afraid to pay a hefty price. It is popular for its durability, but your horse might sweat a lot if you are in a hot climate. Moreover, if you worry about the sun, it is not a great choice because it is not UV resistant.

It is also the best fly sheet to prevent your horse from the most dangerous flies.

  • Brand: Weatherbeeta
  • Fabric: Polyester, nylon, mesh
  • Machine washable?: Yes, but with cold water, gentle cycle, and mild detergent.
  • UV resistance: It has 20% UV protection.
  • Available sizes: 66 to 84 inches (168 to 213 centimeters)
  • Available colors: White/blue and white/burgundy
  • Design and patterns: It has a neck and belly cover.
  • Water-resistant?: No
  • Life stage: All horses

What We Like

  • It is durable thanks to its fine-mesh exterior that features a 1200-denier polyester fabric that controls and limits tears.
  • It comes with a 210T nylon lining on the shoulders and tail flap.
  • Its design makes it functional. For example, the traditional side gusset allows natural movement. Moreover, the tail flap has a two-piece design that wraps around your horse’s quarters.
  • The flysheet also has a double adjustable buckle front closure and low cross straps. It also has adjustable and removable leg straps.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is costly.
  • It does not offer UV protection.

amiGO Evolution Fly Sheet – Best Fit and Technology


amiGO Evolution Fly Sheet is best for fit and technology. The horse flysheet comes with a perfect blend of soft comfort and strength. It also comes with a shoulder and mane lining.

If you are looking for a fly sheet that offers fuller coverage with a belly flap and neckpiece. Moreover, its material has sun-reflecting features keeping your horse cool. Besides that, the aqua and orange color allows it to deter insects because most bugs cannot perceive the colors.

  • Brand: Friend
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Machine washable?: Yes, but on a cool wash.
  • UV resistance: Offers 65% UV protection.
  • Available sizes: 60 to 84 inches (152 to 213 centimeters).
  • Available colors: Aqua/orange. This color choice is because insects cannot perceive them.
  • Design and patterns: It is ultra-breathable, has an integrated neck cover, front closure, and cross surcingles.
  • Water-resistant?: No
  • Life stage: All horses

What We Like

  • It comes with high-tech fabric.
  • It is soft, making it comfortable.
  • It is an excellent fit.
  • The color choice helps with protection.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is only available in the full coverage option.
  • You can only get it in one color.

TuffRider Comfy MESH Fly Sheet – Best Backup Sheet


TuffRider Mesh Fly Sheet is breathable and offers your horse full coverage, and it has a sleek shine. Your horse will enjoy UV protection from this fly sheet. Moreover, it comes with neck protection and extra fabric to cover the belly.

However, its lightweight makes it less durable. Therefore, it is best to consider it a backup sheet or for less aggressive horses.

  • Brand: TuffRider
  • Machine washable?: Yes
  • UV resistance: Yes, it offers around 50% UV protection.
  • Available sizes: 48 to 84 inches (122 to 213 centimeters)
  • Available colors: White
  • Design and patterns: It has a breathable polyester mesh that reflects sun rays. It also has stainless steel twin-buckle front closures.
  • Water-resistant?: No
  • Life stage: For all pony and horses.
  • Fabric: Polyester, mesh

What We Like

  • It offers your horse UV protection.
  • It comes with an extra material that covers the horse’s belly.
  • It also has a neck cover.
  • It is breathable and lightweight.

What We Don’t Like

  • It tears easily.
  • It is relatively expensive.

Tough 1 Deluxe Contour Scrim Cover – Best Full Body Fly Sheet


This fly sheet comes with lightweight poly/nylon mesh, which enables your horse to enjoy air circulation. It also keeps away flies and insects.  

  • Brand: Tough 1
  • Fabric: Mesh, Nylon
  • Machine washable?: Yes
  • UV resistance: Yes
  • Available sizes: 17 x 14 x 4 inches (43 x 36 x 10 centimeters)
  • Available colors: Royal blue
  • Design and patterns:  the contour fit comes with a double buckle front closure, halter tie, and lycra connected to the sheet, which gives when lowering the head.
  • Water-resistant?: No
  • Life stage: All horses

What We Like

  • It is lightweight, allowing natural air circulation over your horse, and also keeps away pesky flies and insects.
  • It also comes with a quick-grab triple lock neck holster.
  • It has a halter loop and lycra connected to the sheet.
  • The leg and belly straps are adjustable and have quick-grab closure for unrestricted movement.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not durable.
  • It is relatively expensive.

Cashel Crusader Mask Ears Long – Best Budget


The Crusader Fly Mask with Long Nose and Ears comes with a patented three-hole cap. This design eliminates forelock damage, ensuring your horse’s comfort. It also ensures that the mask stays put as your horse gets stalled or taken for pasture. Moreover, the extended nose offers your horse more protection.

  • Brand: Cashel
  • Fabric: Soft-coated nylon
  • Machine washable?: Yes
  • UV resistance: Yes
  • Available for: Yearling, Draft, Warmblood, Arabian, foal, and weanling
  • Available colors: Grey
  • Design and patterns: The mask’s soft coated micro nylon mesh makes it UV resistant. The long nose also offers additional protection.
  • Water-resistant?: No
  • Life stage: Adult

What We Like

  • The mask’s design ensures the horse remains comfortable.
  • Its fabric blocks up to 70% of the sun’s harmful rays.
  • The extended nose offers the horse more protection.
  • It also protects the horse’s sensitive and soft tissues on the eyes and forehead.

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not cover the whole body.
  • Not available in different colors.

HILASON Horse Fly Sheet UV Protect Mesh Bug Mosquito Summer Spider Print – Best UV Protection


This is a breathable, lightweight fly sheet that prevents your horse from sweating in the hot summer sun. It also has built-in UV protection, protecting your horse from sun rays. Moreover, the fly sheet has a belly and neck cover.

However, it is not the most durable because of its breathable and lightweight design. Therefore, you should consider this fly sheet if you want to protect your horse from sun bleaching and sunburns. Its features make it the best UV protection fly sheet for horses.

  • Brand: HILASON
  • Fabric: Top-quality poly/nylon mesh.
  • Machine washable?: Yes
  • UV resistance: Yes
  • Available sizes: 66 to 84 inches (168 to 213 centimeters)
  • Available colors: White, turquoise
  • Design and patterns: it comes with a double buckle front. It also has a mesh design that allows air to circulate while keeping bugs and insects away. Moreover, it has a neck and belly wrap to allow quick grip closure.
  • Water-resistant?: No
  • Life stage: For all horses.

What We Like

  • It offers UV protection, preventing your horse from sunburns and bleaching.
  • It is breathable and lightweight.
  • It is affordable.
  • It also comes with a neck and belly cover.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not durable.
  • Its sizing is slightly off.

Tough 1 Zebra Mesh Fly Sheet – Best for Flying Pests Resistance


Tough 1 Zebra Mesh Fly Sheet is a lightweight double buckle front that makes your horse comfortable. It also comes with an adjustable belly surcingle and leg straps to fit different horse sizes.

Moreover, as light reflects off the black and not off of the white, it confuses the flying pests. As a result, they have to look for another animal to attack.

  • Brand: Tough-1
  • Fabric: Mesh
  • Machine washable?: Yes
  • UV resistance: No
  • Available sizes: 69 to 84 inches (175 to 213 centimeters)
  • Available colors: Zebra print
  • Design and patterns: It comes with a zebra print on a mesh and light fabric. It also has a double front buckle, adjustable belly band, and leg straps.
  • Water-resistant?: Raincoat water-resistant level.
  • Life stage: All horses.

What We Like

  • Its lightweight makes it comfortable for the horse to wear.
  • It also has an adjustable front belly and leg straps.
  • Its fabric is waterproof and will keep your horse dry.
  • The mesh design also absorbs the horse’s heat.

What We Don’t Like

  • It is not durable.
  • It is relatively expensive.
Horse with fly rug and mask

What to Look for in Horse Fly Sheets

You ought to consider several factors before choosing a horse fly sheet. Here are the essential factors to consider:


Here, you have to ask yourself whether your horse is a shredder or one that loves its outfits. This character will help you in making a decision. Several fly sheet features affect the durability of a fly sheet, including:

  • Some include tough stainless-steel hardware.
  • Others have lightweight aluminum buckles.
  • Some come with strong Velcro.

Therefore, it would help to know your horse’s blanket habits before selecting a fly sheet. Additionally, it is advisable to look for sturdy hardware and a warranty.


A good fly sheet should come with small spaces between fibers to allow air to flow freely. Moreover, it does not cause your horse to sweat even in hot weather. Therefore, if you are looking for the best fly sheet for horses in hot, humid weather, it should have breathability.

However, the fly sheets are not waterproof or water-resistant, meaning rain will go through them. As a result, some manufacturers recommend you hose them off for quick cleaning.  


Depending on the fly sheet’s coverage, consider the softness of its fabric. For instance, if the fly sheet covers the more sensitive areas of the horse that are susceptible to rubbing and friction, you should get a fly sheet made of soft fabric.

Alternatively, even if it has rigid material, it should have a more delicate fabric to cover the more sensitive areas. This will enable you to protect your horse without worrying about any friction injuries.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions will dictate the kind of fly sheet you go for. For instance, as mentioned earlier, if your horse is in a hot and humid area, you should consider getting a breathable fly sheet.

A fly sheet with breathability allows air to flow on your horse’s back, keeping it cool. Moreover, if the area experiences hot sun, consider horse flysheets with UV protection.

Otherwise, if your area experiences rain during summer, then you should get a fly sheet that is raincoat waterproof. This can protect your horse from both the rain and sun rays.  


This seems obvious, but fly sheet coverage varies. Some horses gladly show off a standard cut sheet, while others require more coverage. For example, if your horse suffers from sweat itch or suffers from insect allergies might need a belly band.

On the other hand, light horses having pink skin might require extra UV protection. Please include a tail tap to help protect sensitive butt cheeks for UV protection. Also, consider fly sheets with extra lining to protect areas prone to rubbing from constant wear.


Normally, your budget dictates the type of sheet you buy. Some horse owners prefer going for an economy brand and buy a new sheet each year. On the other hand, some owners prefer going for a one-time purchase and buying a sheet that can last up to five years.

However, remember that expensive does not necessarily translate to longevity. While it may guarantee the quality, the material and hardware used determine durability. On the other hand, you can find cheap horse fly sheets that last long.    


The newest fly sheets get made from cloth or knitted with soft artificial fibers such as nylon and polyester for chafe-free comfort throughout extended use. Darts, pleats, and gussets are more effective in the shoulder and chest areas, allowing more flexibility.

With a special slippery nylon lining in the shoulder area and along the top line, you can prevent hair rubbing. Sheets keep in place or return to position after your horse rolls, thanks to contour darts in the rump.


You need to wash a fly sheet according to the manufacturer’s directions. This is because it often picks up dirt that would otherwise be on your horse when interacting with the outside. Hosing is helpful for rapid cleanups, and washing some fly-sheet textiles multiple times may even improve their suppleness.

Special Needs

If your horse has a sweet itch, seek brands that have hoods, long belly covers, and wrap around the tops of the legs to make a sizeable unbreakable seal. You could utilize one of these styles for the non-sweet itch horse if you want.


Light colors reflect heat away from your horse, allowing it to stay cooler. Some bugs and flies, such as greenheads, attract dark-moving meals so that light colors might help your horse blend in. Zebra stripes are good at confusing insects drawn to them by sight. This motif is also adorable.


A fly sheet might come with essential extras like belly guards, neckpieces, and tail covers, or it can come with fancy extras like belly guards, neckpieces, and tail covers. To reduce the amount of time your horse spends kicking and stomping, we recommend belly guards. 

Neckpieces may or may not keep your horse warm, but they are ideal for extremely sensitive and itchy horses.

Which Features Make the Best Fly Sheets for Horses

Based on numerous horse fly sheet reviews, certain features make the best fly sheets for horses. They include:

  • Tough and breathable: The best horse fly sheet should have a perfect blend of toughness and breathability. It should have a sheer fabric that is strong but not stiff. This design allows air to flow, keeping your horse comfortable during hot days.
  • Easy to clean: A great fly sheet should be easy to clean. The fly sheet will probably take the dirt on your horse. Therefore, the manufacturer usually issues instructions on how you should wash it. In this regard, the best horse fly sheet is one that you can easily clean with readily available supplies.
  • Wearability: A great horse fly sheet should get made from soft artificial fibers like polyester and nylon. This material gives your horse chafe-free comfort when in use. It should also have better use of darts, gussets, and pleats to provide extra room for movement in the shoulder area.  
  • Durability: The best horse fly sheets blend fine microfilament with other fibers to enhance their toughness. As a result, it does not continue to unravel if it gets a puncture. Moreover, they use quick-release buckles instead of steel to reduce damage to the sheet.
horse wearing fly mask


Horse fly sheets are an essential tool for horse owners. They are vital in protecting your horse against flies, pests, and UV rays.

However, you need to consider certain factors to ensure you get the right fly sheet for your horse. Moreover, each horse is different, meaning what works for one horse might not work for the other.

Nonetheless, the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Plus Neck – Removing Mosquito Net is an excellent choice for a durable, breathable and comfortable horse fly sheet at an affordable price.

This guide also gives a special mention to the Keningston horse fly sheet. Although not covered in the reviews, it is durable, usable, and its fabric can withstand soiling, mildew, and fire. It would also be an excellent choice for someone with an aggressive horse.