CREATING Excitement On National Horse Day (December 13)

Not all holidays honor or celebrate our accomplishments. What better way to celebrate these majestic and intelligent creatures? Well, folks, mark your calendars as National Horse Day is a memorable day celebrating horses.

It is inevitable in one way or the other for horses to have impacted your life. If not, your ancestry lineage must have enjoyed a thing or two about these majestic creatures.

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When is National Horse Day? 

Please mark your calendar; every December 13, National Horse Day celebrations take place across America.

This day honors the historical, cultural, and economic contributions that horses have made. On December 13, equestrian fans from all around the nation will come together to celebrate these magnificent animals.

Check out several ways to celebrate the day, whether you’re a seasoned rider or have never been on a horse before!

The Origins and History of National Horse Day

National Horse Day is a day to recognize and respect horses in equestrian programs worldwide. Children and adults who enjoy riding horses often recall the horse or pony that first inspired them to take up this problematic but gratifying activity.

Riders learn much more from the school horses than just the fundamentals of riding. With the help of their four-legged friend, riders are enlightened on the true meaning of accountability, partnership, commitment, determination, tenacity, and endurance.

Congress proclaimed December 13 as National Horse Day in 2004. Since then, Americans have observed the day to honor and recognize the contribution of horses to not just the development of our nation but also modern Society.

Horses generate a total of around $9.2 billion in the US economy. Horses have become an integral part of American Society, whether used to plow fields, transport food and supplies into remote locations, move cattle in ranches, or provide tender, considerate equine therapy.

The modern wild horse species was brought to America by European colonists in the late 1400s after the ancient Native American horses became extinct between 13,000 and 11,000 years ago. 

Interesting Equine Statistics

Around $40 billion is spent annually on the horse business in the US. According to data, the popularity of horses is rising everywhere, not just in the US.

We have gathered all the data, statistics, and facts you need to know about it. Let’s take a closer look at these Horse Day statistics!

  • Seven million Americans ride horses on average each year.
  • The US equestrian market is approximately around $40 billion annually.
  • Texas has the most horses per state in the US (767,100).
  • Every year, about 870,000 horses compete in or train for track racing.
  • Around 1.74 million people get employment opportunities in the US equestrian sector.
  • There are just around 30 horses in Grenada.
  • About 9.2 million horses and 2 million horse owners are in the US. Each year, 36 out of every 100,000 people in the US suffer a riding accident.
  • Owners of horses in the US make an average of $60,000 per year.
  1. Horse Industry Employment Rate

The employment impact of the equine sector is more significant than it might initially appear.

The anticipated total employment impact of the horse business is about 1,744,747 million jobs, according to American Horse Council horse industry statistics.

It’s intriguing to observe how in-demand equine-related careers are. The horse industry directly impacts about 988,394 jobs, generating around $38 billion in direct wages, salaries, and benefits.

Ironically, the horse business directly employs significantly more individuals than railways, radio and television broadcasting, manufacturing of petroleum and coal products, and manufacturing of tobacco products combined.

2. Horse Ownership/ Population by State

Global horse populations increase along with the market. In the US, there are about 7.7 million horses. With a total population of 2,850,000 horses, there are about 459,526 horse farms.

Getting precise counts of domestic animals is relatively simple compared to getting distinct counts of wild animals, as it is challenging.

For these figures, we consulted reputable sources like the American Horse Council and equine organizations.

3. Equestrian Contribution to the Economy

The economic impact of the horse industry in the United States is estimated to be around $122 billion, up from about $52 billion in the 2005 Economic Impact Study. Additionally, the sector supports about 1.74 million jobs and generates around $79 billion in salaries, pay, and benefits. 

Those who work in the equestrian sector know how significant it is to the American economy. These revised figures are essential for the AHC’s efforts on Capitol Hill and the industry’s efforts to show the public how much of a role they have in Americans.

4. Horse Accidents Statistics

Horseback riding carries a greater risk of injury than other potentially dangerous sports like football, motorsports, or skiing. The results suggest that while head and neck injuries are the most fatal, chest injuries are the most frequent site of horse riding accidents.

In the United States, around 30 million people engage in equestrian recreational and competitive sports each year, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the frequency and effects of injuries incurred when riding horses are still largely unknown.

You can easily avoid various injuries by observing the following:

  • Never get close to a horse from behind. This safety advice has probably been given to you many times, yet it is still essential. Horses can kick when startled.
  • Make sure that your horse is fit for riding. Do not ride your horse if they appear sluggish, irritable, or in pain.
  • Be sure to check the weather before leaving. The ground can become very slippery after a heavy downpour.
  • Ride a horse that is ideal for your level of experience. The key to success is confidence. If you are anxious or unsure, ask someone with more experience for help.

5. Horse Neglect and Abuse Statistics

Along with cats, dogs, and livestock, horses are among the top 4 most abused animals in the US. Even though it is against the law to neglect or abuse animals, over 150,000 horses are killed yearly in the US for their meat. 

This is despite Americans being against the law to eat horse flesh. Because of their intelligence, many believe safeguarding horses is morally required.

The domestic horse slaughter market brought in around $65 million. In 2006 the US government put a stop to it.

Horse in winter

Observing This Day

It’s National Horse Day on December 13 each year. This day honors the historical, cultural, and economic contributions that horses have made. On December 13, equestrian fans from all around the nation will come together to celebrate these magnificent animals.

Just like birthday and Christmas parties, horse celebrations are unique in their own way. Well, let us take a microscopic look!

  1. Take your horse for a trail ride, but be sure to avoid making it feel like it is working. Giving your horse unusual treats such as apples, carrots, raisins, and bananas make them feel special.
  2. Donate resources or cash to a respectable, non-profit horse rescue group.
  3. Spend some time helping a charity that supports horses and rescues that take care of horses with various disabilities.
  4. Watch horse movies such as Phar Lap, Seabiscuit, Secretariat, The Black Stallion, National Velvet, or Sylvester.
  5. Put on jewelry or clothing that demonstrates your love of horses.
  6. Spend some time grooming your horse thoroughly. That is, assuming it enjoys that kind of stuff. While at it, you should clean its hoves and replace the shoes.
  7. Add a nameplate on the new halter for your horse. It would be best if you got a stylish browband for your horse’s bridle. Just because it is beautiful, you know?
  8. Post motivating messages, pictures, and facts about horses on your preferred online horse forums. Try to think positively today and encourage and support your equestrian friends.
  9. If you own a horse, invite people who would not otherwise have access to equines for a ride or two. Casual interactions with horses and country living are less common than in recent years as both have become increasingly luxurious.

You’ll likely give non-horse individuals a chance they wouldn’t otherwise have if you invite them to meet your horses. You never know; you might alter someone’s course.

Reasons to Love National Day of the Horse

Historical Celebration

Horses heavily influenced the history of the United States. They have improved farming and agriculture, provided a means of transportation and communication, and supported the military during times of conflict.

Before the invention of tractors, plowing fields, pulling carts, and taking the place of worn-out oxen was the horse’s work. They are incredibly adaptable creatures, and farmers saw them as significant assets because they could do various jobs.

Horses were the only form of transportation for many years and could pull long distances in carts and wagons filled with people or cargo. Additionally, soldiers on horseback had an advantage during the conflict over soldiers on foot because they could transport information to nearby towns.


Because horses are sociable creatures, our friendships with them may be some of our most treasured. These relationships commonly last years or even decades Since many of us grew up with the same horse. It’s impossible to calculate how many hours you’ve spent with them, yet time forges a unique tie that benefits you both.


Our relationships with our horses strengthen our bonds with one another and others who share our interests. So many people we interact with about horses become some of our best friends through the stable, the local riding club, or your horse support network.


It’s enjoyable and healthy to ride. According to the proverb, no hour of life goes to waste when it is spent in the saddle, whether you are into dressage, showjumping, eventing, clubbing, or anything else that interests you.


Horses enjoy consistency. Even though they don’t wear watches, they tend to know when it is time for dinner, sleeping, and riding time. This implies that to care for them properly. Their owners must follow a regimen as well. This habit helps us owners get out of bed in the morning and plan our day’s events.

Mental Wellness

Horses provide structure, motivate us to interact with others, and provide excellent exercise. They are also incredibly therapeutic to be around and handle. Horses are emotionally perceptive creatures who appear to sense when you’re having a terrible day and will cheerfully keep you company. After spending a few hours with your horse, life always seems to improve.


Which State Has the Most Horses?

In the US, there are about 7.25 million horses. Texas is the state with the most horses per state.

Why Was the Horse so Important?

Horses had various uses, for example, transportation, hunting, and warfare. They were highly revered and significant animals that portrayed tremendous sensitivity and intelligence in ancient art. Nowadays, most horses are for competitions, sports, entertainment, and recreational activities.

What Makes Horses Unique?

A Horse’s Mouth Cannot be Used for Breathing.

Horses are “obligate nose breathers,” meaning they can’t breathe via their mouth as humans can.

Horses Can Sleep While Standing

A system of tendons and ligaments known as the “stay apparatus” allows horses to keep their legs in place to unwind without falling over. This enables them to save energy when standing and be prepared to take to the air if necessary.

Although it is a misconception that horses never rest, they do so occasionally throughout the day while standing.

Horses Have Incredibly Quick Reflexes

In a battle, they can kick hard in just 0.3 seconds from a standing position, as opposed to the human reaction time of 1.6 seconds.

The Ten Distinct Muscles in a Horse’s Ear

As a result, they may move independently of one another and rotate nearly 180 degrees. There are only three ear muscles in humans.

A Horse’s Field of Vision is Almost 360 Degrees

Their eyes are on the sides of their heads, which causes this. However, they have two blind spots—one immediately behind them and the other immediately in front of and below their nose. As a result, they cannot see the grass they are feeding on.

Which Charities Help Horses?

Regarding global impact, Thoroughbred Charities Of America and the Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation are the best organizations for safeguarding horses. 

Working horses in developing nations worldwide receive exceptional veterinary care thanks to organizations like the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA) and Brooke.

Horse runs in the snow

Happy National Horse Day!

Well, folks, that sums it up. We must recognize and uphold National Horse Day so that it may one day become an international holiday. Like dogs, horses are intellectual animals that deserve our care and attention.

Whether you are a horse lover or not, these majestic animals have played an essential role in building our economy. Please spare some time on December 13 to honor them.

Horses feel better when they have company, so why not share an apple or two?

Happy National Horse Day!