Horse Trailer Rental Near Me – What to Look for

Renting a Horse Trailer 

A horse trailer lets you take your horse to shows, trail rides, and the vet. Owning a horse trailer is costly. Can I get a horse trailer rental near me?

New horse trailers cost a few thousand to over 100,000 dollars. Due to expense, many horse owners may hire one occasionally. Horse trailer rental has several benefits. It saves money, space, and difficulties. It’s perfect for horse owners who need a trailer occasionally.

Horse Trailer

Horse Trailer Rental Near Me – What to Look for

There are many companies that offer many services, rent livestock trailers, and even horse trailer leases. 

When renting a horse trailer, most locations offer rental terms daily, weekly, or monthly. Prices for renting a trailer can start as low as $60 per day, $400 per week, and $1,300 per month, although these figures can go up significantly depending on the model. Before you may hire a trailer from most companies, you will first need to sign a rental contract.

After you have decided on a firm to hire a trailer from, check to see if they have a license and bonded to conduct business in the area. If you get into an accident or the horse trailer sustains any damage, this will significantly assist you. You should remember that you are responsible for paying for any damages to the trailer that your horse may cause.

When you are through using the trailer, you must clean it thoroughly to prevent the rental company from charging you more fees. In addition to determining whether or not the appropriate insurance covers you, you must also confirm that there are no age limits. 

Be sure to check with the company to decide whether or not they sell a hitch that is compatible with your vehicle or whether or not you will need to provide your own.

You should also get ready in case there is an unexpected catastrophe. You need to make sure that you have a spare tire for your car, and you also need to make sure that the trailer you are renting has a spare tire. 

Keep the phone number of the company from which you hired the trailer close at hand if you find yourself in a situation where you need to contact the company immediately.

Rent Only What You’re Going to Use

When renting a horse trailer, make sure not to get more than you require. If you need to transport one or two horses, renting a trailer for two horses is all you need to do; there is no point in renting a trailer designed for four horses if you do not want the additional space. 

When traveling with your horse to an event such as a show or a camping vacation, you will need a trailer with a tack closet to keep all your equipment and supplies.

Suppose you are not confident about towing a gooseneck trailer. In that case, it is a good idea that you rent a bumper pull instead. If you do not have a lot of driving experience, a gooseneck trailer may be difficult for you to maneuver. 

Goosenecks have a condensed turning radius than bumper pulls; nevertheless, getting acclimated to the new turning radius will require some practice.

What You Need to Know About Horse Trailer Rental

Additionally, it is of the utmost need to check that the towing capacity of the automobile that you will use to pull the horse trailer is adequate for the job. Pulling a horse trailer that is heavier than what your car is capable of towing can result in a variety of different issues.

Where to Rent a Horse Trailer?

Where can I rent a horse trailer near me? This is a common question. Utilizing the internet as a resource to find a location to rent a horse trailer is your best choice for finding a location. When you want an estimate for the cost of a horse trailer for rent from certain businesses, like Kwipped, they will ask you to fill out a form. 

This allows you to obtain information about a trailer that will fulfill all of your requirements. Horse trailer rentals are one of the many things you can rent through Otherstock, allowing consumers to hire a range of other products. Enter what you are looking for into the search bar to find the horse trailer that best suits your needs. 

You can search for the trailer that you want on the website of Coast to Coast Truck & Trailer Sales Inc. and then contact them directly from that page. Next Door Renter is a one-of-a-kind firm that gives individuals the opportunity to profit from the rental market by leasing out their trailers.

Most rental companies handle postings daily; however, renting from an individual is often less expensive than renting from a firm. However, since you are renting from an individual and not a company, you must exercise extreme caution.

It is usually good to check with the horse trailer firm in your area to see if they provide a rental program for their trailers. The website Horse and Travel offers users a search locator to look up businesses that have horse trailers for rent in 50 states. When looking to hire a horse trailer, it is often in your best interest to go to the horse trailer company closest to you.

Transportation Services

Some businesses offer transportation services, such as Creech and Equine Express. The driver will carry your horse on a trailer to any location. They offer ground, air, and flying transportation.

Horse Trailer Rental Tips

If you think that renting a trailer will be sufficient to meet your carrying requirements, the following advice should assist you in managing the process of renting a trailer.

Find a Good Trailer Rental Company

Finding a reliable rental business will save you a lot of headaches in the future. Pay a visit to the local boarding stables, conduct an internet search, consult with friends and family, and so on. Continue looking until you find a trail rental company with overwhelmingly positive feedback from previous clients.

Make Sure the Horse’s Trailer is in Good Shape

After selecting a horse trailer available for rent, carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle before pulling it away. Ensure the rental agent is there to take notes on any damage that may already be there during the inspection. When you return the trailer in this manner, you won’t have to worry about being wrongly accused of causing damage to it.

Only Pick a Trailer That Can Satisfy Your Demands

It’s not easy to find someone to lend you a trailer. If, however, lady luck allows you to pick from several various models, you should limit yourself to choosing the one that will best serve your hauling requirements. 

Do you require a trailer with living compartments, a trailer for three horses, or a trailer for two horses? Also, check that your towing vehicle is compatible with the trailer.

Make Sure You Read the Contract

Do not, under any circumstances, accept an unfair price for a rented trailer, regardless of how far you have to travel to get one. Before leaving the rental yard, check that all necessary paperwork is complete and in order. In addition, get in touch with your insurance company to see whether or not the insurance on the vehicle can cover the trailer.

Determine the Maximum Weight Your Vehicle Can Pull

The total weight of the passengers, horses, and trailer must be less than the maximum weight that the vehicle can tow. If the towing vehicle does not have the adequate weight capacity for the trailer, there is a significant possibility that it will experience problems with the brakes or the tires.

Ensure the Trailer Has an Insurance Cover

Having insurance specifically for the trailer is not required because the vehicle’s insurance policy that pulls the trailer protects it. However, there’s a possibility that the insurance won’t cover some of the more expensive and substantial trailers.

You need to choose a rental company that provides adequate coverage for their trailers before deciding. But keep in mind that you won’t get compensation for any damages to the trailer that the horse causes. You are responsible for paying the fees associated with correcting any damages.

Read the Terms and Conditions Very Carefully

After deciding on a rental firm to partner with, the next step is to read all of the agreements thoroughly. The contract must include details on the trailer’s insurance and the vehicle identification number (VIN) (vehicle identification number). Don’t forget to check that the registration number on the trailer corresponds with the one on the vehicle’s license plate.

Put Together a Contingency Plan

Get yourself adequately ready for anything that might occur while on the road. You should ensure that you have the contact information for the insurance company and the rental car business during your journey.

It’s a good idea to let a friend know where you’ll be going ahead of time, just if something goes wrong on the trip. Your vehicle and the trailer must have spare tires to comply with safety regulations.

If you become lost or separated from your home while traveling far from it, it is good to bring adequate provisions for both you and the horse.

Check the Trailer Before Returning It

Please give the trailer a thorough cleaning before handing the trailer back to the rental provider. The rental business might charge you an extra price if this doesn’t happen. Before returning the trailer, conduct a full inspection to check for damage.

Horse In Trailer

Buying vs. Renting a Horse Trailer

Horse trailers are not cheap. A two-horse trailer will cost $60-$100 per day to rent, while a three-horse trailer with living accommodations will cost $150-$180 per day.

The size of the trailer, the number of compartments on board, and the trailer’s brand all influence the rental price. Weekly or monthly rentals will, of course, cost more. When considering whether to rent or buy, pricing isn’t the only element.

If you only haul your horse once or twice a year, renting is still better. However, if you frequently carry, especially if you have a racehorse, purchasing your trailer will save you money in the long term.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Horse Trailer?

According to a commercial trailer rental provider, a two-horse trailer costs $60-$75, while a three-horse gooseneck trailer costs $75-$100, according to a commercial trailer rental provider. A weekly rental costs more than $400, while monthly rental costs more than $1,300. After the inclusion of taxes and fees, these prices rise.

When negotiating with a private trailer owner, use these figures as a starting point.

FAQs on Horse Trailer Rental

Is renting a horse trailer expensive?

While renting a trailer is not nearly as expensive as buying one, the cost is still not trivial. Rental fees for a single day range between $80 and $100. The make, model, and the number of compartments it contains determine the price of the trailer.

How to choose the right horse trailer

A good trailer should provide enough capacity to accommodate all your gear. It is also essential that it is suitable for use with the vehicle you will be towing with.

Can horses sleep in a trailer?

No, horses are not allowed to sleep inside trailers. Also, you should only carry horses in a trailer that has a hitch since this will limit the risk of injury.

How long should you trailer a horse?

It is not advisable to keep a horse in a trailer for longer than twelve hours at a time. At regular intervals of four hours, stop moving and check on the horse while also providing it with water.

A horse pokes its head out of a horse trailer

The Final Neigh

Horse owners, particularly those who transport their equines regularly, can benefit significantly from having access to a trailer. However, taking into account the cost, not every person who owns a horse will be able to purchase a new trailer. 

Trailer rental services allow horse owners to continue transporting their equines at an affordable price, whether to the veterinarian, trail riding locations, or trainers.