How Much Does a PONY Cost?

Ponies and Expenses 

How much does a pony cost? The expense of owning a pony differs from the cost of owning and maintaining a horse. Horseback riding is not expensive, but if you consider purchasing one, you must consider several things to ensure you receive the best bargain available.

Because one thing is sure about horses: they are not cheap. The considerations will play a significant part in determining the horses’ asking price.

Girl and Pony

How Much Does a Pony Cost?

How much does a miniature pony cost? You can purchase a miniature horse or pony anywhere from $1000 to $200,000. Size, conformation, bloodline, and competitive record determine the cost of a pony. Read our article and find out WHAT Is The Difference? Miniature Horse vs. Pony.

If the pony meets all of the qualifications, the price will be significantly more than the average or low price. Certainly, you will find a pony starting at $2000, but they will be your average pony with nothing special to set them apart in the market.

A regular-sized horse and a pony cost the same amount. It’s a significant factor in determining all of the prices for it.

How much does a shetland pony cost? The average cost of a Shetland pony is between $500 and $1,500. Breeder ponies usually command a higher price, especially if they prove purebred lineage.

Shetland ponies are available for adoption from a variety of rescue organizations. A good rescue organization or breeder should be open with you about the pony’s temperament, health, and history. The facility should also be clean and provide suitable housing for the animals. 

Before you decide to bring a pony home, you have to spend some time with it. Feeling pressed for time to decide is a sign that the organization isn’t acting in the animal’s best interests. The following information is essential if you intend to buy a shetland pony;

The Shetland Pony’s Unique Characteristics

A Shetland pony draws more weight than a Clydesdale, pound for pound. Shetland ponies are famous for their lengthy lifespans, many living more than 30 years, and their incredible power in their little bodies. And, of course, they are very noticeable for their tiny stature. 

Many other tiny breeds have Shetland ponies in their history, including the miniature horse, National and American show ponies, and the Falabella miniature horse.

Diet and Nutrition of the Best Horse and Pony Breeds for Children

Overfeeding a Shetland pony is significantly easier than underfeeding one. Shetlands can survive on very little food since their origin is in such harsh surroundings, and they have to hunt for sustenance. Shetlands rarely require grain or concentrates, which can cause obesity. For them, high-quality grass hay is perfect.

Typical Health and Behavioural Issues

Shetland ponies are prone to cardiac problems and laminitis because of their stature. This is a life-threatening ailment in which the hoof becomes inflamed and painful. Overeating grain or grass is one of the causes of laminitis.

Shetland ponies are known for their gentleness and friendliness. However, if there is no proper training, they can be abrasive and uncooperative.


Shetland ponies’ winter coats are thick and silky. They’re often the first to “coat up” in the fall and last to “coat down” in the spring. The undercoat is silky soft, while the outside hair is harsh. You need to wash, brush, and comb them regularly.

How Does Upkeep Affect the Cost of Owning a Pony?

In any given year, poor hay yields and rising feed and fuel costs might affect the number of horses for sale and the cost of a horse. 

The ban on slaughtering horses for meat has the unintended consequence of lowering the price of particular horse breeds. This primarily affects elderly, infirm, young, and untrained horses, but it has a broader impact on the horse market.

Those seeking their first horse will most likely need to pay between $1,500 and $3,000 for the purchase. You might find a gem for less, but having that much money will provide you with the most options. The more money you have, the more options you will have.

The Pony Price Determining Factors

How much do ponies cost? When the economy is doing well, more people will have the financial means to purchase a horse. This will increase demand for horses in the market while also reducing supply, making the horse a rare sight on the market.

This shows how global supply and demand affect the price of horses. During economic downturns, the supply of horses increases, but the asking price drops dramatically.

Some folks, though, sell their horses to make ends meet. Because there will be a vast supply of animals in a downturn economy, selling a horse or other exotic animal will be less expensive. Many horse owners will sell their animals at a lower price due to the high cost of maintenance.

You can also rent a horse if you can’t keep one;

What Is The Cost Of A Pony Party?

How much does it cost to rent a pony? What are the costs of pony parties, and what do they include? The average cost of hiring a pony party provider for your event is between $250 and $350 per hour. However, this varies depending on your location, the number of attendees attending your event, the number of ponies you desire, and the different party packages available.

What Is The Cost Of Renting A Shetland Pony?

Compared to the intensity of a jumping castle, pony rides provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience for children. Let’s buck up and take the kids for a leisurely ride around the party or event. Customers choose Shetland ponies for events and other festivities. 

How much does it cost to rent a unicorn?

It is expensive to rent one. They cost $915 per hour for every unicorn. The transportation charges are on you, to and from the venue. 

Economic Downturn Pony Prices

During a downturn in the economy, owners are obliged to sell their prized goods. During this time, the horse’s price will reduce The most expensive part of owning a pony or a horse is the maintenance.

How much does a pony cost? Pony recurrent costs will last for 30 years or possibly longer. Purchasing a horse or pony will cost more than the initial purchase price of these animals.

If you can handle all a pony will require to live a healthy life, the monthly expenses will break your bank. Keeping a pony is challenging for someone trying to save money for something else. The cost of maintenance might easily put a strain on parents’ budgets.

The monthly costs of the training session and others may appear reasonable at first. Still, they will continue for years without interruption, and any adverse incidence will raise the cost even more.


The Cost of Raising a Pony

This is where we break out all of the additional expenses associated with pony activities and necessities. Avoiding these fees may compromise the pony’s health, and the animal will suffer. So, how much does a pony cost per month? To maintain the pony’s health, you must maintain these costs monthly.

Feed And Supplement Costs For Ponies

A pony’s appearance changes slightly. A pony consumes far less food than a full-grown horse.

Every day, a tiny horse will consume only 1.5 percent of its body weight. Hay will range in price from $4 to $15 a bale. A pony’s usual weight is 15 to 40 pounds (6.81 to 18.16 kilograms), so 4 pounds (1.81 kilograms) of hay per day is what you require. 

You’re not going to spend a lot of money on food here. The bay’s 4 pounds(1.81 kilograms) will readily satisfy their appetite. The owner should know what the pony is getting from their hay; ensure that the hay is analyzed so that you are aware of the nutritional efficiency of their diet.

Grain expense for a pony grain is also crucial for the pony; the balanced grain is best for a pony’s long-term health. Grain is high in vitamins and minerals yet low in calories. A balanced grain diet, as well as hay, is vital for the horse. Grain can range in price from $6 to $30 per 40-pound (18.16- kilogram) bag on the market.

Supplements for a Pony cost adding supplements will compensate for any deficiencies in the feed, ensuring that the horse has everything they require to live a healthy life. Defects in the item can cause problems with their hooves, airways, and other organs. The damage will be severe, but supplements can help fill the gaps without going overboard. Read our article and find out the 9 Best Hoof Supplements for Horses.

While supplementing the horse’s nutrition may appear enticing, it is not. When looking for them in the market, you will find several supplements that make deceptive claims. You must conduct a study to ensure that you obtain the correct one for your pony. Any supplement that makes misleading claims will endanger the pony’s general health. Read our article and find out the 6 Best Weight Gain Supplements for Horses.

If you own a large piece of property, you can reduce the cost of horse feed. The grass on the field is sufficient to fulfill a pony’s hunger. There is one issue: while the grass in the field may be enough for the pony, it will lead to obesity in the future.

This will result in laminitis. If you’re going to let them eat grass every day instead of hay or supplements, prepare beforehand. After that, you must monitor the ponies regularly. As a result, create a comprehensive information table to ensure that they get the proper amount of grass and not a little too much.

Keeping A Pony: Waste Management Costs

After consuming 4 pounds(1.81 kilograms) of hay, something has to happen with the garbage. If there is no proper care, horse feces will cover the entire ground.  Most pony wonders compost their feces as fertilizer for their gardens. You can use a waste management system if you plan to take the rubbish and dispose of it in the garden.

Every week, you will receive a fresh bin, and after the bin is full, dumps will remove it from your property. Weekly runs might cost anywhere from $50 to $1,000 per month.

Numerous other elements influence the cost of trash management. The cost of overall trash management will be significant due to the size of the bin, the number of picks, and drop-offs. Another waste management approach is to make arrangements with local farmers to dispose of the refuse.

Cost Cutting For A Pony

Compared to other pet animals, they will require a lot more attention. Some people believe that ponies will no longer have any criteria, such as a house cat or dog.

You require trimming and bathing to retain their health in good shape. Trims can cost anything from $30 to $100. The cost of the showing can easily exceed $400. Veterinarians recommend deworming the horses twice a year, bringing the total cost to $40 each year.

Cost of Health Care

In contrast to other household animals, horses require a once-a-year regimen. Clean pony’s teeth annually and do proper vaccination.

Pony Dental Expenses

You will spend between $100 and $200 on dental work.

The Expense Of Vaccinating A Pony

Vaccination fees will increase from $60 to $200. Depending on your location, you may require to obtain a health certificate; the certification exam may cost you roughly $50. Always save aside some funds for unexpected expenses. It’s tough to budget for this because the cost could rise above the pony’s initial price.

An emergency fund will assist you in dealing with a circumstance that comes into your life without warning or advance. You should set aside an emergency fund so that you may deal with the pony’s crucial situation without jeopardizing their lives.

Make sure the pony’s surgery is part of the fund. You must accumulate funds till you reach that level. The emergency fund will then be ready to manage any expenses during the pony’s difficult phase. Ponies will require the flexibility to move around freely without limitation and protection from bugs, the sun, and rain.

It will be appropriate to construct a fence with some rigid round panels so that they cannot stick their heads between the bars. Make sure they have ample space inside the fence to wander. To build the ideal environment for a pony, you’ll need to check your local zoning rules and size restrictions.

Ponies are herd animals; hence they are social animals. It is advisable to keep your pony in the company of other animals. A donkey, llama, or any other large or tiny breed is ideal as long as it can keep the pony company.

This will significantly improve their mental and emotional well-being. Keeping them in solitary will harm them, and they will be more irritable and less friendly in public. It is preferable to keep them with someone so that they can behave better in social situations without violence.


Final Thoughts

How much is a pony? Getting a pony is a terrific idea for the kids, but it may not be the best fit for everyone when you consider little details. Keeping them healthy requires a lot of money and attention—something you’ll usually find on pony classified ads. 

How much are ponies? They are pricey, but the cost of maintaining them may easily shatter your financial account if you are not attentive or prudent with your money. They require much attention, from trimming and shoeing to immunization and emergency bills. And the owner has to put in more effort to make them manageable.