The 8 Best Horse Grazing Muzzles That Are The BOMB

What are Grazing Muzzles for Horses?

What is a grazing muzzle? How do you identify the best horse grazing muzzle? A grazing muzzle is a device you attach to your horse’s head to prevent it from overheating. However, with many options in the market, selecting the best can take time and effort. This article reviews top horse grazing muzzles to help you choose.

We used our years of experience in matters equine to compile this review with the best options. Please keep reading for more.

Grass of grazing muzzle

What are They Used for?

Horses are different, each having a unique eating pattern and metabolism. For example, when you take horses to the field to graze, some will feed until they are full, while others will keep feeding as long as they can access grass!

While grass benefits the horse’s digestive system, too much adds excessive sugar to the horse’s diet. Increased sugar levels can cause unhealthy weight gain and increase the horse’s chances of getting laminitis.

Laminitis causes inflammation in a significant part of a horse’s hoof. This can cause permanent lameness. In this regard, you need grazing muzzles for horses.

Grazing muzzles help reduce the amount of grass a horse gets from each bite. With these devices, your horse can still enjoy its full turnout time but consume limited grass.

Our Favorite Equine Grazing Muzzle

As we reviewed the best horse grazing muzzles, we found that Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attach is the best overall muzzle. You can use it in different seasons thanks to the breathing holes that prevent overheating during the hot season. Its price is reasonable, and you can use it on different horse sizes.

The History of Horse Grazing Muzzles

In the mid-90s, grazing muzzles were prevalent in the horseracing industry. Nowadays, horse owners use them in different disciplines.

The owners mostly use them to manage their horse’s diet. Initially, the owners had to keep their horses in stalls to limit their grass intake.

But, muzzles for horses allow owners to release their horses to the fields without worrying about them consuming too much grass. Furthermore, it is healthier for the horse to spend time outside the stall.   

The benefits of Equine Grazing Muzzles

There are multiple benefits your horse can get from using a grazing muzzle. Horses love to graze throughout the day, and if you confine them in their stalls, you could frustrate them.

In this sense, using grazing muzzles becomes more beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of using grazing muzzles:

Spending Time Outside the Stall is Healthy for Horses

Grazing muzzles allow you to let the horses spend more time outside, which offers the following benefits:

  • It will enable the horse to exercise as it can move freely.
  • It helps prevent boredom that comes from cribbing.
  • It allows the horses to socialize with other horses.

Muzzles Help Prevent Obesity in Horses

When given a chance, a horse will overeat grass which could lead to obesity. For example, if you let your horse loose in the field, it can consume up to 25 pounds (11.34 kilograms) of hay daily. This is way too much and could cause obesity.

Obesity can cause other health challenges, including

  • It will be susceptible to orthopedic problems.
  • There will be higher incidents of founder or laminitis.
  • It will experience more stress on its limbs, joints, and feet.
  • The horse becomes less efficient in cooling its body temperatures.
  • It will be less efficient regarding reproduction.

Different Horse Grazing Muzzle Types

Muzzles are essential in horse care, and there are multiple types to choose from. Not every grazing muzzle for horses is best for your horse. You might have to try different kinds to decide the best for your horses.

Here are the standard horse grazing muzzle types you can choose:

Standard Grazing Muzzles

Standard grazing muzzle manufacturers use nylon and plastic. Their bases are hard plastic with a nylon webbing attachment. You can buy them in an all-in-one unit with a halter or a muzzle.

They are typically heavier than one-piece units. Furthermore, horses usually chew through the plastic after a few months.

One-Piece Molded Muzzles

One-piece molded muzzles don’t cause sores as they hang away from your horse’s mouth. Their manufacturers use one-piece molded material like Kevlar or plastic.  

Although they cost more, they also offer more benefits than standard muzzles. For instance, they weigh less and allow better airflow.

Brown horse with muzzle

The Drawbacks

The muzzle limits the amount of grass a horse consumes. However, you should be aware of some horse grazing muzzle problems. For example, it might restrict your horse too much that it fails to eat enough hay to meet its daily nutritional needs.

Additionally, the muzzle might also prevent the horse from drinking enough water when it is hot. If your horse doesn’t take enough water, it could suffer from dehydration.

Some muzzles are uncomfortable and can cause rubbing sores. They can also trap moisture and germs, which cause friction and irritation that could result in cuts.

The muzzle can also get stuck on a fence post. Suppose that happens, and the Muzzle does not have a breakaway mechanism; it could be dangerous.

An Overview of our Top Picks

NameBest for Case
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle AttachBest overall
GREENGUARD Grazing MuzzleBest quality
Flexible Filly Grazing MuzzleBest budget
Weaver Leather 65-2345 Grazing MuzzleBest for durability and adjustability
Shires Deluxe Grass MuzzleBest pony grazing muzzle
Prairie Horse Supply Deluxe Comfort Lined Grazing MuzzleBest for small breeds
T TEKE Deluxe Grazing Muzzle Fleece Fur Lined AroundBest for maximum comfort
UDRENM Horse Grazing MuzzleEasy to use
Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attachment , Black
Shires Deluxe Grass Feeding Grazing Muzzle Full
Product name
Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attachment , Black
Shires Deluxe Grass Feeding Grazing Muzzle Full
Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle
Product name
Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle
Buy Now
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attachment , Black
Product name
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attachment , Black
Buy Now
Shires Deluxe Grass Feeding Grazing Muzzle Full
Product name
Shires Deluxe Grass Feeding Grazing Muzzle Full
Buy Now

Our Horse Grazing Muzzle Reviews

Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attach – Best Overall


Tough 1 is the best horse grazing muzzle because the manufacturer focuses more on quality. Your horse can wear it for long because it has large holes all over. Furthermore, it has three loops that make it easy to attach to the halter.  

Size/s: Draft

Color/s: Black

Material: Nylon  

Closure type: Snap

Breed recommendation: Horses


  • It has three quick grip tabs for easy attachment to the halter.
  • The muzzle comes with large holes in the front to facilitate breathing.
  • It does not include a halter.
  • The muzzle is available in black color.
  • The manufacturer makes it with nylon webbing.

Bottom line:

This muzzle ensures your horse is comfortable as it grazes. For example, its nylon webbing sits perfectly on the horse, and the quick loops ensure you attach it quickly to the halter. If you want to prevent your horse from overeating during hot seasons, Tough 1 is the ideal muzzle.

GREENGUARD Grazing Muzzle – Best Quality


The GREENGUARD Grazing muzzle is a top-quality muzzle with an open design allowing your horse to feed naturally. It also features four breakaway straps making it effortless to fit into any standard halter.

The manufacturer also offers a 1-year guarantee against breakage. Furthermore, its size fits larger than typical muzzles.  

Size/s: 3.5 inch (8.89 centimeters) – Mini; 4 inch (10.16 centimeters) -Pony; 5 inch (12.7 centimeters) -Horse

Color/s: Black

Material:  Poly-resin

Closure type: Buckle

Breed recommendation: Horse


  • This grazing muzzle has an open design enabling horses to breathe freely.
  • It is lightweight and cooler making it more comfortable.
  • The muzzle does not absorb moisture or bacteria.
  • The manufacturer designed it to fit loosely so your horse will not feel in on its nose.
  • It comes with multiple openings allowing horses to graze more naturally.

Bottom line:

If your horse has experienced breathing issues or muzzles that cause rubbing. The GREENGUARD grazing muzzle is the answer. It is durable and comfortable, meaning you will get value for your money.

Flexible Filly Grazing Muzzle – Best Budget


Flexible Filly is the best grazing muzzle if you are searching for something more economical. The malleable plastic the manufacturer uses is premium quality, but it does not come with a halter. Nonetheless, the cable ties don’t have sharp edges- which is excellent! You can get this muzzle in three different sizes, so it is easy to find one that fits your horse.

Size/s: Mini-Pony, Cobbed-Horse, and Oversized


Material: Malleable plastic

Closure type: Buckle

Breed recommendation: Horse


  • It offers two grazing openings.
  • The manufacturer used malleable plastic to make the muzzle, making it lightweight.
  • It has temporary ties that allow you to make proper adjustments before attaching the muzzle permanently.  

Bottom line:

Flexible Filly is an excellent horse muzzle for owners tired of typical rubber muzzles. If you try it on your horse, it will love it more!

Weaver Leather 65-2345 Grazing Muzzle – Best For Durability and Adjustability


This horse grazing muzzle is a popular choice among horse owners. The manufacturer uses durable plastic to develop it, and it fits on most horses.

Furthermore, it allows your horse to drink water effortlessly. It also has openings at the bottom for mucus and saliva drainage.

Size/s: Medium

Color/s: Black

Material: Nylon and rubber

Closure type: Buckle

Breed recommendation: Horses


  • The manufacturer created it using rubber and nylon.
  • It has a neoprene liner, enhancing comfort.
  • Its metal buckles make the muzzle adaptable and long-lasting.
  • It is black, ideal for most horse tacks.

Bottom line:

The Weaver Leather Grazing Muzzle comes with a webbing basket that is comfortable to wear. It also features a rubber bottom that makes it durable and a neoprene liner that ensures it is comfortable to wear. It is the best option if you want something adjustable and durable.

Shires Deluxe Grass Muzzle – Best Pony Grazing Muzzle


Shires Deluxe Grass Muzzle is an excellent pony grazing muzzle. Its fully adjustable and comfortable muzzle helps it to avoid overheating. Furthermore, it includes fleece wool padding that makes it comfortable by protecting the pony’s muzzle and chin.

Size/s: Small Pony

Color/s: Black

Material: Rubber and nylon

Closure type: Buckle

Breed recommendation: Horse


  • It has a durable rubber base and toughened nylon web bars.
  • The muzzle also includes a D-ring for leading the horse.
  • It includes wool padding for comfort.
  • It also has field-safe fastenings.

Bottom line:

This is an excellent grazing muzzle for your pony because it is durable and comfortable. It also includes a D-ring to help you lead it to and from the field.

Prairie Horse Supply Deluxe Comfort Lined Grazing Muzzle – Best for Small Breeds


The manufacturer created this muzzle using neoprene and nylon to give it ultimate comfort. Moreover, it comes with a built-in halter which is a bonus.

It also includes a noseband and neck strap, giving your horse more convenience. The muzzle’s neck strap is flexible to allow it to fit your horse’s head.

Size/s: Arab, Pony, Cob, Small Quarter horse, and Horse

Color/s: Black

Material: Nylon

Closure type: Buckle

Breed recommendation: Small Breeds


  • The muzzle includes neck straps and a built-in chin.
  • Its bottom is neoprene with a small opening at the center.
  • The muzzle’s nylon webbing ensures it is durable.
  • You can get it in various sizes.  

Bottom line:

This horse grazing muzzle offers more padding than others. It also comes with neck straps and a chin making it unique. Horse owners with small horse breeds will find this grazing muzzle for miniature horses very appealing.

T TEKE Deluxe Grazing Muzzle Fleece Fur Lined Around – Best for Maximum Comfort


T TEKE Deluxe Grazing Muzzle is ideal for horse owners interested in maximum comfort. Your horse will love its fleece fur lining on the basket. Another advantage of this muzzle is that it includes a built-in halter.   

Size/s: Full, cob, pony

Color/s: Black

Material: Fleece

Closure type: Velcro

Breed recommendation: Horse


  • It includes a D-ring you can attach to the lead rope.
  • The manufacturer uses nylon webbing and rubber at the bottom.
  • It also comes with a detachable fleece.
  • This muzzle has a built-in halter that you adjust with Velcro.

Bottom line:

The T TEKE muzzle is arguably the most complete package. It comes with a halter and a D-ring, which will help you save the money you would spend on buying extras. Furthermore, you can detach the fleece, making it ideal for all seasons.

UDRENM Horse Grazing Muzzle – Best Easy to Use


The UDRENM Grazing Muzzle is the perfect tool to control your horse’s eating. Its package includes a halter that you adjust with Velcro. Furthermore, its neck strap has a cushion making it more comfortable, and you can choose from different sizes.

Size/s: Middle horses

Color/s: Black

Material: Heavy-duty neoprene, PVC leather, and nylon

Closure type: Velcro

Breed recommendation: Horses  


  • It comes with a ring where you can affix a leading rope.
  • The nose part is neoprene and has a small opening.
  • You can easily adjust the halter using Velcro.
  • It is durable thanks to the heavy-duty nylon.

Bottom line:

Consider the UNDRENM Horse Grazing Muzzle if you want to offer your horse stability and comfort. Moreover, you don’t have to buy a halter separately as they include it in the package. It also comes in multiple sizes allowing you to select the one that fits your horse perfectly.

What to Look for in Equine Grazing Muzzles


A typical grazing muzzle’s material is leather or nylon. Consider quality and durability when buying a grazing muzzle. Also, ensure there is enough ventilation to avoid overheating challenges.

Noseband Style

There are multiple grazing muzzle noseband designs. Go for one that offers maximum comfort at all times.


There are grazing muzzles for miniature horses and full-sized horse muzzles. Ensure you select the one that fits perfectly on your horse. It should be a manageable size.

Ease of Use

Go for a grazing muzzle that you can effortlessly fit on your horse. Some horse owners have bought a grazing muzzle they could not put on their horses.

Built-in Halter

Some grazing muzzles have a built-in halter. The halter is essential as it ensures the horse cannot take off the muzzle.

Some Reader Questions Answered

Can Horse Drink Water With Grazing Muzzles?

Yes, your horse can drink water while wearing the grazing muzzle. Most muzzle designs allow horses to drink water and have openings that drain excess water. Ensure you get a type that drains water quickly because if it drains slowly, it will discourage your horse from drinking water.

How Tight Should a Grazing Muzzle Be?

It will help if you don’t fit the grazing muzzle tightly on your horse. Ensure the muzzle is around one inch from the horse’s mouth. This leaves enough space for you to put your fingers between the muzzle and the horse’s face.

How Much Does a Horse Eat with a Grazing Muzzle?

The amount the horse can consume depends on the muzzle type, the grass’s length, and how the muzzle fits. Generally, a grazing muzzle reduces the grass intake by around a third.

How Long Should a Horse Hear a Grazing Muzzle?

Your horse should not wear a grazing muzzle for over 10 hours daily. Leaving the muzzle on your horse for long hours could cause severe health issues like dehydration, excessive weight loss, and infections. Please remove the grazing muzzle every day.

Does My Horse Need a Grazing Muzzle?

Does your horse overeat and experience digestive issues? If this is true about your horse, your veterinarian will advise you to use a grazing muzzle. Suppose your horse has never worn a muzzle before; gradually introduce it by letting it wear for shorter hours.

How Long Does Grass Need to be for a Grazing Muzzle?

The pasture should be at least six inches (15.24 centimeters) long when your horse is wearing the grazing muzzle. If the grass is shorter than that, your horse might find it challenging to reach it. The horse grazing muzzle is not ideal for short-grassed pastures.

How to Put a Grazing Muzzle on a Horse?

Follow these steps to put the grazing muzzle on your horse:

  1. Put the grazing muzzle over your horse’s head, holding it with both hands. Ensure the horse’s nose goes through the openings. The small loop on the muzzle’s side should be next to the horse’s face, and the big loop under its chin.
  2. Pull up from the base, ensuring everything adjusts well together. Fine-tune what is beneath the horse’s chin. Please ensure it goes around the horse’s chin and over its muzzle to enable it to fit well.
  3. Using the straps behind the horse’s ears, go through the small loops until they face the front. After that, adjust them, so they fit correctly. For example, your fingers must fit between the strap and the horse. Use the buckles to buckle up each side of the horse’s face.   
  4. Confirm that the horse can breathe effortlessly from below and above through its nose and mouth. Check whether the webbing is bothering the nostrils and whether the horse can eat, drink and pick up things from the ground.
  5. Use the muzzles for horses each time they go out to the pasture. Please ensure your horse feeds on a balanced diet.

How to Measure for a Grazing Muzzle?

To get the best grazing muzzle for your horse, you must first measure its head’s circumference below its ears using a soft measuring tape. This is the size you will use when ordering the grazing muzzle.

Are Grazing Muzzles Effective?

Yes, grazing muzzles are effective. When your horse is wearing a grazing muzzle, it regulates its food consumption hence preventing it from gaining excess calories.

Horse eating grass

Parting Thoughts

A grazing muzzle is excellent for any horse owner who wants their horse to maintain a healthy weight. It prevents your horse from overeating and getting weight issues. You need to consider the factors this review has covered to select the fitting muzzle for your horse.

Consider the Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attach, our best overall horse grazing muzzle. It is easy to use, economical and durable. Now, go get your horse muzzled up to help it maintain a healthy weight!  

Bestseller No. 1
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Horse Orange
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Horse Orange
Large holes at the nose for easier breathing; Small bottom opening limits consumption; Fully adjustable nylon halter
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
Tough 1 Poly/Nylon Grazing Muzzle with Halter...
Tough 1 Poly/Nylon Grazing Muzzle with Halter…
Halter and muzzle combination; Adjustable System with padded noseband; Controls over-eating by limiting intake
SaleBestseller No. 4
Weaver Leather 65-2346 Grazing Muzzle, Large,...
Weaver Leather 65-2346 Grazing Muzzle, Large,…
Nylon And Rubber Grazing Muzzle Features A Neoprene Liner; Vegetable Tanned Leather Double Buckle Crown
Bestseller No. 5
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attachment ,...
Tough 1 Easy Breathe Grazing Muzzle Attachment ,…
Large holes in front for easy breathing; Easily attaches to halter with three “quick grip” tabs