The Best Dewormer for Horses (8 Tried and Tested)

If you are a horse owner, you know worms can be a serious problem for horses. Since it is impossible to eliminate horse worms, you need to invest in the best dewormer for horses, so that your horses stay healthy. 

Worms can lead to weight loss, bloating, and other health issues if left untreated. It is normal for horses to have a small number of parasites in their intestines at all times. Parasite control aims to balance these parasites to avoid clinical symptoms and not create resistance to medication. 

Horse dewormers come in the form of liquid or gel, which is sprayed or syringed into the horse’s mouth. If your horse refuses oral treatment, you can opt for a powdered or tablet form of treatment. It is advisable to give the dewormer directly without mixing it with food or water. This move ensures that your horses take the full dose.

Many horse deworming medicines are on the market, all from well-recognized brands. It is not easy to find the best equine dewormer for your horse. To assist, we have created a list of the eight best dewormers for horses you can purchase.

Giving a medicine to a horse

Is Ivermectin a Horse Dewormer?

Ivermectin is a drug commonly used to control parasites in different animals and human beings. This medicine is packaged in solid, liquid, and powder forms. Ivermectin is among the most effective horse dewormers on the market today. 

Scientists discovered ivermectin in the 1980s. It is among the top five drugs used to control worms, parasites, and bots in horses. Ivermectin can also be useful in controlling external parasites such as fleas, ticks, and mites. 

A single dose of this drug can prevent up to 43 worms, parasites, and bots. Ivermectin is effective in controlling  and killing the following worms and parasites in horses:

  • Blood worms
  • Red worms 
  • Pinworms
  • Hair worms 
  • Stomach worms
  • Intestinal threadworms
  • Lungworms

How do Horses Get Worms?

Parasites have been around for many years. No horse is entirely immune to parasites. Horses consume many parasites when grazing. These parasites are taken up from the feces of one horse to the next during grazing. Horses that graze in fields where other horses reside are at a higher risk of getting worms and parasites.

Once they enter your horse, the parasites burrow through its respiratory, circulatory, and intestinal systems. These parasites will eventually take residence in your horse’s large intestines. 

A pasture infested with worms stays infected for a long period. This effect explains why pasture management is a vital factor in worm management.

How to Test for Worms

In recent years, horse parasites have become increasingly resistant to the active chemicals used in horse deworming medicine. This situation explains why it is advisable to test your horse for worms first, other than just administering dewormers at certain times of the year. 

If your equine shows signs of worms, it is vital to carry out tests. There are different methods that you can use to test for horse worms. The most effective way is through a fecal egg count followed by a blood test. 

Combining these two tests will help you determine if your horse has worms, the type of worms, and the seriousness of the infection. Other than blood and fecal tests, you may also carry out saliva tests to determine if your horse has tapeworms.

Common Equine Parasites and Worms


Botflies are a common sight in horse stables. Bots are commonly found on the summer coat and stomach after grooming. These parasites do not cause any significant illnesses. They are usually excreted during winter.


There are two types of redworms that affect horses: small and large strongyles. Red Worms can live in cysts throughout winter and damage the stomach lining as they emerge in spring. This makes them the most dangerous horse worms. 

Redworms are the main sauce of colic in horses. Other symptoms of red worms include weight loss, diarrhea, and anemia. Redworms can be treated using horse dewormers like ivermectin, moxidectin, and fenbendazole.


Ascarids horse worms are also commonly referred to as roundworms. These worms mainly infect young horses because they have low immunity. Roundworms cause the horse’s gut to block, leading to poor health and diarrhea.

Since the ascarid matures in the horse’s lungs, it can also result in respiratory problems. Ivermectin is the best horse dewormer for treating roundworms.


Tapeworms are more difficult to locate than other worms. This type of worm is common during the autumn season and can be identified through blood tests. The best horse parasite medicine to use if your horse has tapeworms is praziquantel.


Strongyles are the most common parasite in horses. Strongyles parasites live in the hosts’ large intestines and are passed out through feces. Strongyles can damage your horse’s arterial walls, resulting in blood clots and tissue death. The best horse dewormers to treat strongyles are fenbendazole and moxidectin. 


Threadworms are very small worms that primarily affect foals and old horses. Foals and old horses have a weak immune system. This is what makes them susceptible to threadworms. This parasite causes diarrhea in foals.


Pinworms are another parasite that commonly affects horses. This parasite is white in color with a long, thin pin-like tail (hence the name). Pinworms live in the horse’s colon and have a less complicated life cycle. 

The female pinworm crawls out of the horse’s anus and deposits an egg on the skin. This egg then drops off in the stable field or nearby surfaces such as walls, where they get consumed by other horses. 


Roundworms are also referred to as Ascaris. These worms are white in color and can grow up to a length of 19.5 inches (50 centimeters). Roundworms mainly affect one and two-year-old foals, where they live in the intestines. 

These worms produce a large number of eggs. These eggs can be ingested during pasture or nursing if they stick to a mare’s udder. These worms can cause severe damage to the liver and lungs. This is why it is important to test your foals regularly.

Horse Worming Schedule

It’s normal for equines to have worms. Although it is impossible to eradicate worms, deworming reduces excess parasites. As such, you should continually test your horses for worms. 

You should test and deworm your equine after every two months. Young horses can be dewormed from four weeks, although some medication is recommended for foals above eight weeks. 

It is crucial to involve your vet when developing a horse deworming schedule. Your vet will assist you in picking a suitable drug based on your horse’s age. He will also give deworming advice for underweight horses, old horses, pregnant and nursing mares, and breeding stallions.

Our Top Pick for Equine Wormers

Ivermax Apple Flavored Ivermectin Equine Paste Dewormer – 2 Pack  is our best overall dewormer for all equines. Ivermax is a good quality product that can effectively deworm your horses. 

You can use this dewormer on all horses regardless of the breed and size. Ivermax is also safe for nursing mares and foals below one month. 

The main ingredients in this horse deworming medicine are Ivermectin 1.87%, Boticide and Anthelmintic. Since it contains Ivermectin, you can use this dewormer to eliminate many worms and parasites.

This dewormer can effectively eliminate tapeworms, roundworms, stomach worms, pinworms, bolts, etc. A single dose of Ivermax apple flavored can control over 47 parasites and worms.

An Overview of the Top–Selling Horse Dewormers

Name and HyperlinkFeaturesBest for Case
Ivermax Apple Flavored Ivermectin Equine Paste Dewormer – 2 Pack Removes worms and bots in a single dose.Best overall.
Merial Zimecterin Gold Paste Horse Wormer It can be used on all horses, including stallions, mares, and foals.Best for eliminating roundworms.
Safeguard Horse Dewormer – 25 Gm One-time treatment dose.Best for foals.
Safe-guard (Fenbendazole) Dewormer Liquid 125ml Comes in liquid form.Best for treating stomach worms, and lungworms
Quest Horse Wormer Gel Paste Equine Moxidectin (0.4oz.)Has moxidectin and praziquantel as the active ingredients.Best premium.
Safe1.1LB Mult Dewormer Contains fenbendazole as the key ingredient.Best for eliminating pinworms.
(3 Pack) PANACUR Dewormer Horse Paste 10%, 100mg Each Apple-flavored.Best for eliminating pinworms, roundworms, and bloodworms.
Durvet Ivermectin Paste 1.87% Removes worms and bots – 3 PackTreat Up to 1,250 lb (566 kgs) Body Weight.Best flavored.
Veterinarian Examining Cute Horse Outdoors

The Best Dewormers for Horses Reviewed

Many farmers looking for horse dewormers never know where to start. There are hundreds of horse deworming medicines on the market, making it hard to pick the right one. We have done thorough research and come up with a list of the top eight best horse dewormers.

Here is our review of the best dewormers for horses.

Ivermax Apple Flavored Ivermectin Equine Paste Dewormer – 2 Pack – Best Overall

Ivermax apple flavored ivermectin equine paste dewormer  is a premium quality product. This medicine is the best horse wormer available in the market today. It has been effectively used to eliminate worms and parasites for many years.

Despite their size and breed, you can use this dewormer on all your horses. Ivermax is also safe for breeding stallions, nursing mares, and foals that are below one month. Ivermax is the best horse wormer for spring season.

The main ingredients in this horse deworming medicine are ivermectin 1.87%, boticide and Anthelmintic. Since it contains ivermectin,you can use this dewormer to eliminate many types of worms and parasites.

Ivermax is manufactured by ‎Aspen Veterinary Resources, one of the most trusted manufacturers of veterinary products. This dewormer should be administered orally as a single dose. It contains apple flavor, which makes it tasty! All your horses will love this one.

This product comes in two packs. It also has two syringes that you can use to administer the medicine. A single dose of ivermax apple flavored ivermectin can effectively treat a horse weighing 1250 lbs (567 kgs).

Brand: Generic

Lifestage: Safe for sizes.

Breed: All breeds


  • Easy to administer since it’s apple flavored.
  • You can use it across all horses and foals.
  • Effective in treating many worms and parasites.
  • It has a long shelf life.


  • Expensive.

Merial Zimecterin Gold Paste Horse Wormer – Best for Eliminating Tapeworms.

Amazon’s Choice – Best Horse Care Dewormers by Tuzhbik

Merial Zimecterin is among the best horse dewormers available in the market today. Merial zimecterin is the dewormer when it comes to controlling and eliminating tapeworms. This dewormer can effectively control up to 47 parasites.

Merial zimecterin gold paste horse wormer is a combination of 1.55 percent ivermectin and 7.75 percent praziquantel. You can use this equine dewormer on foals that are two months old and above. Merial Zimecterin can be useful in controlling pinworms, hairworms, lungworms, and stomach bolts.

One syringe is enough for a horse weighing 1250 pounds ( 567 kilograms). The paste gel is packaged in an easily administrable syringe with well-labeled weight gradation. 

Merial Zimecterin can be administered orally or through an injection. Ensure your horse takes in the full dose if you opt to administer the drug orally. Since this dewormer is not flavored, your horse is likely to refuse to take it. It is advisable to administer it through an injection.  

Brand: Tuzhbik

Lifestage: Use on foals above two months.

Breed: Suitable for all breeds


  • Contains  ivermectin and praziquantel. 
  • It can fight over 47 parasites and worms.
  • Easy to administer through the syringe.
  • Foals over two months can use this dewormer.
  • Comes with a needle.


  • It does not contain any flavors.
  • Expensive.

Product recommendations: We recommend this product if your horse is suffering from tapeworms.

Safeguard Horse Dewormer – 25 Gm – Best for Foals

Amazon’s Choice Best Horse Care Dewormers by Safeguard

Safeguard is among the most effective horse parasite medicines on the market. This dewormer can be used on horses as young as one-month-old without any side effects. Safeguard horse dewormer does not contain ivermectin, only fenbendazole. 

Safeguards can effectively control pinworms, ascarids, and large strangles. This dewormer has an Apple-cinnamon flavor which makes it easy to administer orally. It also comes with a labeled syringe that you can inject based on your foal’s weight.

This product is a one-time dewormer. One syringe will be enough for a 1,100lb (480 kg) horse. The product is only one dosage, so you administer it once. Safeguard horse dewormer is a quality product that will keep your foals and all other horses strong and healthy.

Brand: Safeguard

Lifestage: All horses above one month 

Breed: Can be given to all horse breeds


  • It has an apple-cinnamon flavor which makes it easy to administer orally.
  • One-month-old foals can use this equine dewormer.
  • It comes with a labeled syringe for easy administration. 


  • This horse dewormer does not contain ivermectin.
  • Cannot be given on horses above 1,100 lbs (480kgs)

Product recommendations: Recommended for use on young foals.

Safe-guard (Fenbendazole) Dewormer Liquid 125ml – Best Value

Safeguard (fenbendazole) dewormer liquid works like the safeguard horse dewormer, only that this one is packaged in liquid form. This product is specifically manufactured for goats, but it works equally well on horses.

Safe-guard (fenbendazole) dewormer liquid 125ml can be used to treat lungworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. This product does not contain ivermectin. It only has fenbendazole. 

Farmers who have tried this product say it is effective and lasts longer than other dewormers. It will not be easy to administer this medicine orally because it is not flavored. Using a syringe will be effective since your horse will consume the whole dosage.

Brand: Safeguard

Lifestage: Safe for horses above one month.

Breed: Safe for all breeds


  • Affordable.
  • It lasts longer than other dewormers.
  • It can eliminate tapeworms, lungworms, and roundworms.


  • It does not contain any flavors.

Product recommendations: This dewormer is affordable. We would recommend it for buyers working on a budget.

Quest Horse Wormer Gel Paste Equine Moxidectin (0.4oz.) – Best Premium

Amazon’s Choice Best Horse Care Dewormer by Zoetis

Quest horse wormer is a premium quality dewormer for horses. You can use this dewormer in horses and ponies above six months. Quest horse wormer comes in gel form. It contains moxidectin as the key ingredient.

Quest horse dewormers can be administered orally or through a syringe. It is advisable to use the needle for accurate dosing. The gel melts into the horse’s mouth, preventing wastage. This medicine can effectively control hairworms, stomach worms, bots, and strongyles. One tube of quest horse wormer can treat a horse weighing up to 1,150 lb (521 kgs).  

Brand: Zoetis

Lifestage: For use in horses and ponies above six months

Breed: Safe for all breeds


  • Effective for use on horses above six months.
  • Premium quality.


  • Young foals may react to this dewormer.
  • Not flavored.

Product recommendations: We recommend this horse dewormer for horses above six months old since younger foals may react.

Safe1.1LB Mult Dewormer – Best for Eliminating Pinworms.

Safe1.1LB Mult Dewormer is another effective horse deworming medicine that you can give your horses. The drug should only be used in horses weighing 1100lbs (498 kgs) and above. This product can be administered orally or using a syringe. 

You can use Safe1.1LB Mult Dewormer to remove large strongyles, pinworms, small strongyles, and ascarids. Farmers love this product because you can also use it on cows, goats, sheep, and chickens. The main ingredient in this dewormer is fenbendazole.

Brand: Merck

Lifestage: For use on horses above one year.

Breed: Safe for all breeds


  • Easy to use
  • It can effectively treat pinworms, ascarids, and roundworms.


  • Some horses refuse to take this dewormer since it has no flavor.
  • Expensive.

Product recommendations: We recommend this product if you want to eliminate pinworms.

(3 Pack) PANACUR Dewormer Horse Paste 10%, 100mg Each – Best for Eliminating Pinworms, Roundworms, and Bloodworms.

PANACUR dewormer horse Paste is another dewormer you can use on your horses. This dewormer can easily be administered using a syringe. The package has three 100mg tubes. You will not have any challenges giving this dewormer to your hose because it is flavored. 

PANACUR Dewormer Horse Paste has fenbendazole as the main ingredient and can be used on all horse sizes.

Panacur dewormer horse paste is the best dewormer if your horse has pinworms, roundworms, and bloodworms. This equine dewormer also comes with three sets of 1 ounce (25g) tubes, and each tube is a single dose. Panacur is a recognized horse dewormer that has successfully assisted farmers for many years. 

Brand: Safeguard

Lifestage: Effective for all horse sizes.

Breed: Can be given to all breeds.


  • This dewormer has an apple cinnamon flavor.
  • It can be used by all sizes and ages.
  • Effectively controls bloodworms, pinworms, and roundworms.
  • It comes in paste gel form, which is easy to administer.
  • It is conveniently packaged in three 1 ounce (25g) tubes.


  • It is not effective in killing tapeworms.

Product recommendations: Recommended for eliminating pinworms, roundworms, and bloodworms.

Durvet Ivermectin Paste 1.87% Removes worms and bots – 3 Pack – Best Flavored

Durvet ivermectin paste is a single-dose dewormer that you can use to eliminate worms and bots in horses. This horse dewormer is the best option for you if your horse has an issue with flavorless dewormers. Farmers who have used this product have recommended it for its palatable taste!

You can effectively use it to deworm your breeding stallions, nursing mares, and old horses.

Each syringe of Durvet ivermectin paste can effectively treat horses weighing 1,250 lbs (567 kgs). This product can be used on foals above two months and pregnant horses. 

Durvet ivermectin paste 1.87% removes worms and bots – 3 packs can effectively control and eliminate tapeworms, pinworms, hairworms, bolts, etc. This horse dewormer can control up to 47 worms and parasites. The key components of this medicine are 1.55 percent ivermectin and 7.75 percent praziquantel.

Durvet ivermectin can be administered both orally or using an injection. Since this dewormer is apple-flavored, your horse will like the taste. It is advisable to administer it through an injection to ensure the full dose is consumed.

Brand: Durvet

Lifestage: Safe for foals above two months

Breed: Can be given to all breeds


  • Easy to administer.
  • This medicine treats a good range of worms and parasites.
  • Easy to administer since it is flavored. 


  • Expensive
  • This dewormer has a short shelf life.

Product recommendations: Durvet Ivermectin Paste is the best flavored horse deworming medicine. If your horse does not enjoy taking medicines, we would recommend that you try this dewormer.

FAQs on Horse Wormers

Why Is Horse Worming Important?

Any animal that grazes in an open field picks up different parasitic worms from the environment. In typical situations, your horse’s immune system keeps the number of worms in the gut low. Having few worms in the gut helps horses to develop stronger immunity.

However, it is important to monitor and control the number of parasites in your horse to maintain good health. Horse worming is important because excess worms affect your horse’s general health and cause life-threatening diseases. Worm-related gut damage can lead to diseases like colic and diarrhea.

Do You Have to Go to the Vet for an FEC Test?

Zero Egg Count’s horse Parasite and Worm Test Kits allow you to test your horse at home. You can purchase an FEC kit online or from an equine store near you and carry out the test conveniently at home.

These kits are affordable and accurate. It is also quite easy to understand the test results. Based on the results, you can come up with a horse deworming schedule. If you are unsure about something, you can share the results with your vet. They will assist you in coming up with an appropriate plan and the most effective dewormer.

You can use zero egg count’s horse test kits on all horses. Age and breed do not matter. Every kit has all the materials needed to carry out the test. FEC test kits will save you money while keeping your horses healthy and happy!

How Often to Do an Fec Test

It is advisable to conduct an FEC test twice a year. The first test should be at the beginning of the spring season, before deworming. Once you get the first test results, you can create a deworming program for your horse.

After the first test, you should carry out another subsequent test after  10-14 days. The test results will tell you if your deworming program is effective. If the horse dewormer is working well, there should be a decrease in the targeted parasites.

How Do You Deworm a Horse?

Back then, farmers used to rotate horse dewormers like ivermectin among all horses in an area. Today, this one-size-fits-all method is no longer effective. Veterinary doctors recommend having a specific deworming program for each horse. 

Having a specific program for all horses prevents parasite resistance to horse deworming medicine.

Is a Targeted Equine Dewormer Program Expensive?

Targeted dewormer programs aim at treating a specific type of parasite. Once you have the results of the FEC test, you should consult your vet to come up with the right treatment. 

Most farmers worry that they will spend much if they opt for targeted dewormer programs, but this is not the case. In the old days, farmers regularly gave their horses many deworming products in the hope that the combination would work. This resulted in stronger, chemical-resistant parasites. 

A targeted approach ensures you give the right amount of the right product for the right reason. You should frequently test your horse to see if the program is effective. In the long run, targeted deworming programs save on cost.

Veterinary horses on the farm

Our Final Verdict on Horse Wormers

It is not possible to get rid of worms in horses. Testing your horse regularly will help you identify any parasites and worms affecting it. It will also show you any eggs and larvae growing within your horse’s body.

Testing for parasites and worms has been much easier since the invention of the FEC kit. You can conveniently run the test at home without having to take your horse to the vet. Once you have identified the parasites present, you can come up with an appropriate horse wormer schedule for your horses.

Pick an appropriate combination of dewormers to give your horse based on the test results. Our review above will assist you in identifying the most effective horse dewormer for you. You can also ask your vet for advice on the right horse deworming medicine.

Ivermax apple flavored ivermectin equine paste dewormer ,our top pick for all horse dewormers will help you eliminate all the common worms and parasites. This horse dewormer is apple flavored and can be used on all horse breeds, regardless of age and weight.