The Different Types of Rodeo Cowboy Hat Shapes

Many types of cowboy hats exist. Similarly, cowboy hat creases too exist in varieties, giving rise to different rodeo cowboy hat shapes. While some cowboy hat versions have existed since men began working the prairies and rangelands, the first famous American style hat hit stores in 1865. They were known as the “Boss of the Plains”. 

Read on this article to get more insight into cowboy hats’ names, shapes, and cowboy hat creases.

Cowboy Hats

The Different Types of Rodeo Cowboy Hats

The Cattleman Crease

Cowboy hats in these shapes have the oldest culture of all hats. This hat is for you if you prefer culture. Many farmers wanted a different style than the rodeo cowboy hat. The Cattleman’s Crease should make the crown 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) tall. 

The brim is slightly curved. Most are about 4 1/2 inches (11.43 centimeters) long. These hats have an attractive crease.

A crease extends from the crown’s crest to the middle. Two more creases go down the cap’s sides. Cowboy hats should be taller and thinner. It might be helpful during severe winds or heavy rains. The same holds now. If it rains or blows hard, you can lower the cap. It’ll be easy to keep it up now.

Remember, it’s a piece that both sexes can wear. The cattleman is now a fashionable headgear. Males wear them more often at weddings and other occasions. The people who produce these hats haven’t altered much. The Gus Hat is the newest variant of the Cattleman’s Crease. A pinch is in front of the crown. So your hat will look like an outback.

The Gambler Crease

It’s also known as the Telescope Crease. Charros inspired the design of this hat. These were Nevada cowboys who worked in Mexico. The crown height of this hat is 3 to 4 ½ inches (7.63 to 11.43 centimeters). It has a flat brim of 4 to 4 ½  inches (10.16 to 11.43 centimeters). The hat isn’t as long as other cowboy hats.

As it protects you from the sun, its form helps to keep hot air out of your head. It also has the appearance of a crease-free cowboy hat. It does, however, have a minor round of depression. It gives the hat the appearance of a microscope. Many wealthy landowners in Mexico wore this hat back then. They noticed that it was more sophisticated than ordinary cowboy hats.

The Pork Pie Hat is a variation of the Gambler Crease Hat. These hats, on the other hand, are more traditional and rounder. Brian Cranston wore the Pork Pie Hat in the Breaking Bad movies if you’re a fan.

The Brick Crease Cowboy Hat

These hats resemble cowboy hats with a Cattleman’s Crease. The shape of the crown, which makes a squarer seem like a brick, is the difference in the brick cease. On the right, it has a drop form. The left side of the hat has curls as you look at it. It gives the cowboy hat a brick-like appearance.

The functions of these hats are similar to those of other cowboy hat shapes. You won’t have to worry about high winds or rain because of the brick-like body. It’ll also come in handy if you’re attending a fashion show.

Pinch-Front Cease

They’re like the crease hats used by cattlemen. The crowns are what differentiate these hats. You expect a diamond and tear-drop crown. These two crowns are standard in fedoras, outbacks, and trilbys. The brim size varies from the Pinch Front Crease. More than a fedora or an outback hat. In other words, they’re not all the same. 

Most girls choose Pinch-Front cowboy hats due to their shape and size. Use Pinch-Front crease cowboy hats to narrow your face. It will make your face appear smaller and more delicate.

Remember that the stampede black stained cowboy hat has a Pinch-Front crease. But it has a pinched front crown. The brim is also straw. So wearing this cap is easy.

The Montana Mix Crease

This cowboy has a storied past. It has a cowboy hat crease. However, there are slight differences. Tom crease hats have additional indents on the crown sides. The back indentations are minor.

The central indent is more profound in front than the back. As a result, the dents raise the crease in the Tom mix. The front of the hat is now lower than the back. These hats were fashionable in the 1920s and 1930s. They are among Mr. Stenson’s original designs.

Now called “reach and grab” cowboy hats. This is because most people hold them from the front of the crown.

Bowler Western

The Bowler Hat is a traditional English headgear, sometimes known as a Derby Hat. In 1849, a man named Bowler designed this cowboy hat. Following then, it became increasingly popular among residents of the Victoria Times.

The crown of the hat is a simple free-form round crown. The hat also has a curved brim but is somewhat short. Immigrants brought it to the United States. It was a hit, and it became fashionable throughout the Old West.

Bowler Hat

The Different Cowboy Hat Creases Explained

The shape and style of your hat express who you are as a cowboy. Your cowboy hat’s shape defines you as a person. These cattlemen desired a taller and narrower crown so that when the wind blows and the rain pours, the cowboy hats may be pulled down and stay on their heads better.

  • The Cattleman’s Crease: is the most basic and oldest on a cowboy hat. When ranch owners didn’t want the look of a rodeo cowboy on their cowboy hat, the Cattleman’s Crease was born. These cowboys desire a taller and narrower crown so that when the wind blew and the rain poured, they could draw their cowboy hats down and keep them on their heads. The smoothness of a Cattleman’s Crease hat shape is its distinguishing feature. A deep crease in the center of the crown and two indentations on the sides distinguish it. The most popular and desirable shape of the Western hat is the Cattleman’s Crease.
  • The Cool Hand Luke: The Cool Hand of the American Hat Company Luke Cowboy Hat is two-tone ivory and a black straw hat with a contoured crown and a black trim hat-band. This is one of those hats that, once worn, become an extension of your style.
  • The Gus Crease: The Gus Crease cowboy hat was famous among old West cowboys because it allowed them to grip the narrow part of the crown and bow to the women. You have one hand inside, and you’re working it up a little bit with your fingers. Be cautious what you call it if you want to join the hordes of Tom Mix wearers. In Texas, the Tom Mix is known as the Gus, in Montana as the Montana Peak, and in Colorado as the Western Slope.
  • The Biggs: The Biggs Crease is a smaller, high-up on the hat’s crown and virtually pinched to a line on the right and left of the crown, continuing the concept of western hat subgenres that are tiny variants of the Cattleman’s Crease. These hats usually have a squared brim with the sides pulled up just a smidgeon.
  • The Brick: The Cattleman’s Crease and the Brick are incredibly similar. The brick has a squarer crown and takes on more of a drop shape with its right and left curled brim, which resembles a brick.
  • The Stockman: This cowboy hat is satin-lined with an interior leather sweatband. Please don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to a decent western hat. The Stockman Hat is a one-of-a-kind hat with a Cattleman’s Crease’s crown and a Rancher Hat brim in various sizes. Not to mention the several bands from which to choose for the finishing touch! This is a high-end hat.
  • The Telescope: The “charros” (Mexican cowboys) that came to work in Nevada from Mexico and South America created the Telescope Crease. The low crown protects your head while also preventing hot air from collecting, and the wide brim shields you from the sun. The Gambler’s Hat is another name for the Telescope Crease.

A Brief History on the Cowboy Hat

These fashionable hats date back to 1865. It has the appearance of a North American Cowboy. John B. Stetson designed the hat. The “Boss of the Plains” was their moniker.

Many cowboy hat forms from the 1900s got inspired by Mexican culture, thanks to John Stetson’s invention in the 1860s. All of the styles offer sun protection as well as improved fashion.

Today, you can obtain a cowboy hat shape that isn’t the same as Mr. John Stetson’s. It means that cowboy hats come in both old and new cowboy hat styles.

straw cowboy hats


Cowboy hats have become increasingly popular since the invention of the original style and shape. Cowboy hats have taken on new forms. Depending on the length of the crease, each has a name.

The majority of them imitate traditional looks with a dash of adornment. As a result, you can wear these hats on your head and at various fashion events.

You will rarely see Mr.Stenson’s traditional shapes of cowboy hats in fashion events. The majority of folks adore these contemporary ones.

So, what’s the shape of your cowboy hat? Which do you prefer: modern or traditional? Of the many different cowboy hat styles out there, be sure you will not disappoint on whichever one you select.