Upselling The 4 Best Dressage Saddles [Reviewed]

What are Dressage Saddles?

With the aid of the best dressage saddles, riders maintain their balance while keeping their legs extended and in close contact with the horse. 

A horse rider may have the best dressage saddles among the most crucial gear. It makes the horse and rider more comfortable and aids proper movement to get the dressage outcomes. Better sporting outcomes and stress-free rides are a guarantee when you choose the appropriate saddle for your horse.

Black dressage saddle

Our Favorite Dressage Saddle

There are many dressage saddles on the market today. Our favorite is the Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle. It is the best because it is long-lasting and very comfortable.

Top Dressage Saddle Brands

It can be challenging to decide which trustworthy dressage saddle brand to buy because so many are available. The following five manufacturers of dressage saddles can provide dependable equipment for contemporary horse dressage:

  • Wintec
  • Henri de Rivel
  • Equipe
  • Amerigo
  • Bates

It’s crucial to consider your horse and rider needs when choosing a dressage saddle manufacturer. Consider your spending limit, the breed of your horse, and your riding objectives. Find a reliable brand well-regarded by male and female riders by reading the following dressage saddles reviews.

An Overview of the Top Rated Dressage Saddles

Name of the ProductBest for Case
Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle Best overall dressage saddle

Henri de Rivel Vegan-X Dressage Saddle

Best durable dressage saddles
SilverFox Dressage Saddle Set Best affordable dressage saddle
EquiRoyal Newport Dressage Saddle Best dressage saddle for starters
Silver Fox Dressage Saddle Set
Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle 16.5
Henri de Rivel Vegan-X Dressage Saddle
Product name
Silver Fox Dressage Saddle Set
Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle 16.5
Henri de Rivel Vegan-X Dressage Saddle
Price not available
Price not available
Silver Fox Dressage Saddle Set
Product name
Silver Fox Dressage Saddle Set
Buy Now
Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle 16.5
Product name
Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle 16.5
Price not available
Buy Now
Henri de Rivel Vegan-X Dressage Saddle
Product name
Henri de Rivel Vegan-X Dressage Saddle
Price not available
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Our Reviews of Equine Dressage Saddles

Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle: Best Overall Dressage Saddle

Brand: ‎Wintec

Color: ‎Black

Size: ‎16.5 inches (41.9 centimeters)

Product dimensions: 33.9 x 23.6 x 12.3 inches (86.1 x 59.9 x 31.2 centimeters)

Material: Leather

Saddle type: Western

Adjustable: Yes

Vegan-friendly: No

About This Item

The Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle is a stunning piece of handiwork. It is from high-quality cloth that is both long-lasting and quite comfy. The saddle features the traditional style of a deep seat, offering the rider a secure and steady position on the horse. 

The large panels of the Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle will ensure that the rider’s weight distributes evenly throughout the saddle.


  • The Wintec dressage saddle has a highly plush seat with a dual-density padding system.
  • A medium-sized black gullet is present in the packing for this saddle.
  • Adjusting the height of the stirrup bar to a more comfortable posture is possible.

Final Verdict

Dressage riders and owners of modern sports horses should strongly consider investing in the Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle. It is a cost-effective alternative that does not skimp on the product’s quality or level of comfort.

Henri de Rivel Vegan-X Dressage Saddle: Best Durable Dressage Saddles

Brand: ‎Henri de Rivel

Color: ‎Black

Size: 17 inches (43.2 centimeters)

Product dimensions: 25.2 x 17 x 15.5 inches (64 x 43.2 x 39.4 centimeters)

Material: Leather

Saddle type: Western

Adjustable: Yes

Vegan-friendly: Yes

About This Item

Suppose you are seeking a horse dressage saddle that is kind to the environment. In that case, the Henri de Rivel Vegan-X Saddle is the product for you. The synthetic materials used in constructing this dual flap saddle make it both long-lasting and kind to the environment. 

The Henri de Rivel saddle features a padded knee roll and a deep seat for the rider’s comfort and protection. Henri de Rivel developed this saddle. This adjustable dressage saddle guarantees a secure and comfortable fit for riders of all sizes.


  • The vegan leather saddle offered by the Henri de Rivel brand is hypoallergenic and simple to maintain.
  • The item features a gullet you cannot adjust, and the tree’s diameter is 5 inches (12.7 centimeters).
  • The seat has a depth similar to that of a classic saddle and is medium-deep.
  • Stabilizing knee rolls encourages correct leg placement when riding a dressage horse.

Final Verdict

Riders interested in purchasing an environmentally friendly horse saddle need to go no farther than the Henri de Rivel Dressage Saddle. This saddle is an excellent option for new riders on a limited budget. The cruelty-free saddle is light and comfortable for the horse’s back.

SilverFox Dressage Saddle Set: Best Affordable Dressage Saddle

Brand: SilverFox

Color: ‎Black

Size: 16 inches (40.6 centimeters)

Material: Leather

Adjustable: Yes

Product dimensions: 24.4 x 19.5 x 15.4 inches (62 x 49.5 x 39.1 centimeters)

Vegan-friendly: No

Saddle type: Western

About This Item

To begin, allow me to introduce you to an option that is suitable for beginner riders that is both economical and dependable: The all-purpose pad flap saddle from SilverFox! This item is not a dressage saddle in the traditional sense. It is a versatile piece with a high-raised and curved cantle to ensure the most comfortable riding possible. 

You will experience increased comfort and stability during your dressage test due to the high cantle, deep seat, and grain leather material. The bridle, stirrup pads, girth straps, and reins are all present in the package when you purchase this SilverFox dressage saddle. The leather is of superior quality and presents an elegant appearance. 

The padding on the gear is little but sufficient to ensure comfort even over extended periods of riding. The dressage horse tack’s seat is deep, enabling riders to assume the ideal sitting position. The modern soft knee roll provides support and prevents you from falling forward. 

The saddle includes a large channel in the back that relieves the pressure you would otherwise place on your horse’s spine. This SilverFox has a wonderful deep-seat design that is both conventional and trustworthy for beginning jockeys, even though it is quite inexpensive compared to other goods on the market. 

The material used for the seat, flaps, and knee rolls is not of the highest grade leather. Still, it is robust and may last for years, provided that you maintain it appropriately. The length of the flaps is 16 inches (40.6 centimeters), and the seat is a standard size; therefore, it is suitable for use on most horses in the riding hall. 

Aside from that, its appearance is also somewhat unexpected. The shining black leather gives us the impression that it is costly and professional, even though it only costs approximately one hundred dollars.


  • The Silver Fox saddle is of leather material that is easy to keep clean and is black.
  • This item features a cutback head, a deep seat, and long flaps as standard equipment.
  • The medium tree is suitable for tacking up an average-sized horse.
  • The saddle, cinch, bridle and reins, horse bit, stirrups, adjustable ergonomic stirrup bar, and quilted cotton pad are all included in the saddle set.

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a beginner set that won’t break the bank, the Silver Fox saddle set is a fantastic option. The saddle is suitable for dressage training and has all the necessary components. The SilverFox brand of saddles comes in three different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of equine species.

EquiRoyal Newport Dressage Saddle: Best Dressage Saddle For Starters

Brand: EquiRoyal

Size: 17 inches (43.2 centimeters)

Color: Black

Material: Leather

Saddle type: Western

Adjustable: Yes

Product dimensions: 24 x 18 x 18 inches (61 x 45.7 x 45.7 centimeters)

Vegan-friendly: No

About This Item

Dressage riders that compete at the highest levels frequently choose the EquiRoyal saddle. During dressage riding, you can maintain an effective leg position thanks to the deep, ultra-ergonomic seat and the knee blocks’ anatomically developed shape. Because of the adjustable saddle tree, the shoulders of the horse can move freely. 

This saddle comes in various sizes, so you can use it on multiple horses. EquiRoyal is a somewhat unimportant participant in the house saddles production industry compared to Wintec Saddles. Their products are primarily in the low-end or mid-range categories, and they have classic looks that many riders who are just starting enjoy.

This EquiRoyal piece has a model after the well-known German saddles, which explains why it has such a traditional and solid appearance. Although not of the highest quality, given the cost, you will find it much better than anticipated.

This saddle is suitable for various activities, including regular walks, jumping, hacking, and even special dressage events! Adjusting the saddles tree and head can accommodate most horses’ withers and back length. 

This product has the potential to be both long-lasting and comfortable thanks to the inclusion of a thick layer of foam inside of a cover made of tough leather. There are two color options available. The first is standard black leather, and the second is a dark brown color that is perfect for people who adore retro vibes.

To sum things up, this EquiRoyal event winner saddle will be the best option for anybody looking to get their feet wet in the sport of equestrian riding.


  • The EquiRoyal saddle is from high-quality leather that is simple to clean and care for.
  • For more comfortable and well-balanced riding, the product has a deep seating area.
  • You can achieve a comfortable move thanks to the tree’s bendable branches.
  • The dressage saddle has lengthy billets formed like a U for added stability.

Final Verdict

The EquiRoyal Newport saddle is an excellent option for experienced riders who are looking for a saddle that is both comfortable and long-lasting. Because of the adjustable saddle tree, it is suitable for use with horses of various body types. 

The stitched knee pads offer the highest possible comfort while maintaining the correct riding position. The typical flock-filled panels provide sufficient padding.

Your Dressage Saddle Shopping Guide

When searching for the best dressage saddle for sale, there are several important characteristics that you should keep an eye out for, including the following:

Deep Seat

A deep seat enables the rider of a dressage saddle to sit deep in the saddle while maintaining the ideal dressage position.

Long Flaps

Extended flaps serve to support the rider and maintain their stability.

Padded Knee Rolls

Knee rolls that have adequate pads help maintain the correct alignment of your legs.

A Cut Back Head

A cutback head, often known as an “open head,” provides the horse with sufficient space to move its shoulders without restriction.

How to Measure a Horse for a Dressage Saddle

Taking a few measurements is necessary for you to select the dressage saddle that will fit your horse the best. To begin, you must take the height of your horse’s withers. 

The highest point of the shoulder blades is the withers. Put one hand on either side of the horse’s neck, then measure from one hand to the other at the broadest point of the withers. This will give you an accurate measurement of the withers.

After that, you will need to determine the length of your horse’s back. To resolve this, take a measurement that starts at the bottom of the horse’s neck (where it meets the withers) and ends just beyond the animal’s elbows.

After these two measures, you may consult a dressage saddle size chart to determine what size saddle will be appropriate for your horse.

Dressage saddle

Measuring Dressage Saddle Seat Size

You will need to know the width of the tree on your dressage saddle if you want to accurately estimate the size of the seat on your dressage saddle. The distance between the two points on the saddle where you fasten the stirrup bars is the treewidth of the saddle.

After determining the width of the tree, you can consult a dressage saddle seat size chart to determine the appropriate seat for your saddle.

Dressage Saddle Seat Size Chart

Dressage Saddle SizeSeat DepthPanelsFlaps
16.5 inches (41.9 centimeters)6.7 inches (17 centimeters)45 inches (114.3 centimeters)39.5 inches (100.3 centimeters)
17 inches (43.2 centimeters)6.9 inches (17.5 centimeters)48 inches (121.9 centimeters)40 inches (101.6 centimeters)
17.5 inches (44.5 centimeters)7.4 (18.8 centimeters)49 inches (124.5 centimeters)41.5 inches (105.4 centimeters)
18 inches (45.7 centimeters)7.9 (20.1 centimeters)51inches (129.5 centimeters)42 inches (106.7 centimeters)

Facts Worth Knowing About Dressage Saddles

How Do I Fit the Dressage Saddle Correctly?

Verify first that the girth is over the saddle and the stirrups are up. Place the saddle with the saddle cloth or saddle pad on the horse’s back as a first step. You should position the saddle just in front of the withers. If the saddle fabric is loose, you can put it on the back first before setting the saddle on top if it is not already there.

Until the saddle is at the lowest place on the back, push the saddle and the saddle cloth together rearward. Verify that you place the saddle correctly. The distance between the horse’s shoulder blade and the front edge of the pommels must be at least two finger widths.

Remove the girth by going to the horse’s opposite side. The distance between the girth and the front leg should be around a hand’s width. If the saddle is a good fit, turn around and close the girth loosely on the left side.

After leading your horse a short distance, tighten the girth. Before mounting, ensure the girth is secure; if not, the saddle may slide. Two fingers should still be able to fit between the belly and the girth, even though the girth should be sufficiently snug. Check the girth after riding for a short while on a walk. If required, tighten it once more.

Which Girth Fits the Dressage Saddle?

To secure a dressage saddle to the horse, a short girth fits the saddle. It is necessary to have a short girth, so the rider is not pressed against and bothered by the girth’s buckles. The rider’s thigh is where you find the girth’s buckles in a typical girth. In a dressage saddle, however, you have a lengthy leg, which is uncomfortable and might damage the rider. 

To avoid this issue, you require a small girth. A dressage saddle features appropriate long girth straps that allow for the attachment of a short girth.

What Stirrup Length Do I Need for a Dressage Saddle?

The ideal stirrup length depends greatly on the wearer. You should adjust the stirrups to have a comfortable, secure seat and lean back on the horse. Your shoulders, pelvis, and heel should be straight for the dressage seat.

You can stand next to your saddled horse and place your fingertips on the stirrup buckle to determine your ideal length. With your arm extended, adjust the stirrup leathers, so the stirrup rests under your armpit. You can also lay back in the saddle with your legs at your sides.

How Do I Care for a Dressage Saddle?

You must properly maintain a leather dressage saddle to prevent brittleness and maintain durability. You should periodically clean and oil your dressage saddle for this reason. You will need saddle soap, water, a leather conditioner, a sponge, and a cloth to care for your saddle.

It is advisable to set the saddle on a saddle stand for cleaning and maintenance. Starting with the saddle, clean it. Clean the leather on the seat and the top and bottom of the saddle flaps by dampening the sponge with saddle soap and a little water. After that, flip the saddle over and clean the underside.

Following a thorough cleaning, you can dry the saddle by wiping it with a dry cloth. Finally, You can use grease and other leather care items to maintain your dressage saddle. For this, you can use a sponge, cloth, or brush. You should cover the dry saddle with a thin layer of leather grease to allow for good absorption.

Keep your dressage saddle in a dry, well-ventilated space while not in use. You should ideally hang it on a saddle rail. Leather may develop mold due to moisture. Avoid direct sunlight as well because it might make leather fade.

FAQs on Dressage Saddles

How Much Does a Dressage Saddle Weigh?

The typical weight range for dressage saddles is between 20 and 30 pounds (9.1 and 13.6 kilograms). The equipment mustn’t be too heavy for the horse to ensure it is comfortable carrying it on its back.

What is the Best Dressage Saddle for a Beginner?

If you are just starting in dressage, you should look for a comfortable saddle that lets you sit in the ideal position. Beginners should consider purchasing a dressage saddle that comes equipped with knee blocks.

What is the Best Dressage Saddle for a Short-Backed Horse?

If you are tall and want to ride a horse with a short back, the Thorowgood T8 Compact GP dressage saddle is the answer that will work best for you. 

The saddle has a narrower knee panel and a tree that is slightly flattering so that the rider may approach closer to the horse. It is available in 1,612-, 172-, and 18-seat configurations. You may purchase the Thorowgood T8 Compact GP for approximately £725.

Where to Find a Used Dressage Saddle for Sale?

Dressage saddles are available at various equestrian establishments and on the internet. Find a tack store in your area or browse online to saddle manufacturers’ websites, such as Wintec or Amerigo. Before you go out and buy a saddle, you should make it a point to do some research first to ensure that you are obtaining a good one.

What is the Difference Between a Dressage Saddle and an All-Purpose Saddle?

In contrast to all-purpose and jumping saddles, dressage saddles feature a more extended flap and stirrups facing more forward. Because of this, the rider can have longer legs and maintain a better upper-body balance with the horse. Although you can use a general-purpose saddle for dressage, the level of comfort and stability it offers is not the same.

How Much Does a Dressage Saddle Cost?

Spending anywhere from around $500 to $3,000 on a dressage saddle is possible. When it comes to dressage, it is essential to pick a comfortable saddle for you and your equine partner. An investment that will pay off for many years to come is a quality dressage saddle.

What are Dressage Saddle Panels?

The panels of a dressage saddle are the parts of the saddle that rest beneath the horse’s belly and are responsible for helping to distribute the rider’s weight equally. Your horse’s back muscles will feel support and comfort from the bearing surface that has been purposefully made broad.

There are three panels on the majority of dressage saddles, but some saddles have four or even five panels.

What is a Dressage Saddle Flap?

The saddle section you sit on is the flap, and it’s in the dressage saddles. You fasten it to the saddle tree. It is often from leather or synthetic materials. The size of the dressage saddle will determine the length of the flap on the saddle, which can vary.

What is Considered a Short Flap in Dressage Saddles?

A dressage saddle’s flaps are typically longer to support the rider’s legs better. Dressage saddles with short flaps have flaps approximately 2 inches (5.1 centimeters) shorter than those seen on standard dressage saddles. Riders who have trouble maintaining the proper position of their legs while riding frequently use this equipment category.

What is a Dressage Saddle Tree?

The inside component of the dressage saddle that bears the brunt of your weight is the “tree.” Wood, fiberglass, or carbon fiber are the typical materials used in its construction. The tree needs to be broad enough to support your hips and shoulders, but it can’t be any thinner than your horse’s back.

Should I Consider a Used Dressage Saddle for Sale?

Suppose you are new to the sport of dressage. In that case, you should probably consider purchasing a used dressage saddle currently on the market. 

This is one method to get started in the sport without having to shell out a significant amount of money for a brand-new saddle. Be sure to consult a trained saddle fitter before purchasing so that you may properly adjust the equipment for you.

Used dressage saddle

What Size Dressage Saddle Do I Need?

The size of your horse will determine which dressage saddle size is appropriate for you. Dressage saddles are in inches, with 17 inches (43.2 centimeters), 18 inches (45.7 centimeters), and 19 inches (48.2 centimeters) being the most prevalent sizes. 

If you do not know what to choose between the two sizes, it is best to go with the larger. Suppose you are still unsure what size saddle to purchase; having a competent professional perform a saddle fitting for you is in your best interest.

What is a Western Dressage Saddle?

A western dressage saddle is one in use for western equestrian sports. These synthetic saddles feature a deep seat and a high cantle from nylon or polyester. They have a traditional look. 

What is an English Dressage Saddle?

Dressage saddles come in a wide variety, and English disciplines require a specific kind of saddle known as an English dressage saddle. These saddles are often from leather, with a short cantle and a seat that is not very deep. They frequently come in an elegant design resembling a sophisticated saddle. Black and brown are two of the most frequent colors for saddles.

What is HART in a Saddle?

Horse and Rider Technologies is what “HART” stands for when abbreviated. This manufacturer creates classic dressage saddles using materials of the highest caliber in all their products. 

When you see the HART label, you know the product has high-end performance elements contributing to a smooth ride. Wintec, Bates, and Arena are the three manufacturers that produce HART saddles. Dressage saddles by HART typically cost around $2,000 each.

What Size Pad Do I Need for My English Dressage Saddle?

You will need to take three measurements to determine the appropriate size dressage saddle pad for your horse. You first need to take a measurement that stretches from the middle of the horse’s chest to the top of its shoulder. Second, choose where you want the pad to end by measuring from the point of the shoulder to that location. 

In most cases, it’s somewhere about the middle of the horse’s flank. Lastly, measure around the widest part of your horse’s girth. Make use of these dimensions to figure out what size dressage saddle pad you need to purchase.

That’s All, Folks

When competing in the dressage world, having the appropriate horse saddle is essential for success. Because there are so many various manufacturers and designs, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best option for your pet. 

For the best option, we recommend the Wintec HART Isabell Dressage Saddle. It is adjustable, durable, and comfortable. Try it out today!

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Acerugs All Purpose Black Premium Leather English...
Acerugs All Purpose Black Premium Leather English…
Saddles Will Come With A Signature Required For Delivery; Deep Padded Leather Seat; Stirrup Leathers
Bestseller No. 4
HORZE Dakota Dressage Girth - Brown - 18 in
HORZE Dakota Dressage Girth – Brown – 18 in
✅ Soft, ergonomically-shaped fabric girth; ✅ Double-side elastic; ✅ Stainless steel roller buckles