Where Is Heartland Ranch? Fandom Facts JUST For You!

What is Heartland? 

Heartland is one of the most loved TV drama series set in the Rockies. Where is Heartland Ranch? This is the one question that lingers in everyone’s mind after watching this fantastic show: this is because the most striking thing about this show is its location. How can’t anyone possibly love such incredible horses and scenery?!

Heartlands’ significant themes revolve around love, family life, loss, ranch life, and HORSES! If you are passionate about horses, this is a must-watch show for you! As the movie unfolds, we get to understand how Amy, her sister Loi and Jack (their grandfather) run the ranch, the challenges they face, and how they work on them.

Because Heartland has become popular, more people want to understand and learn more about the actors, the Heartland setting, when Heartland started, where is Heartland located? And other interesting facts.

Heartland, Source: tvguide.com

Where is Heartland Ranch?

If you are a fan of the Heartland TV show, you have probably wondered: where is Heartland filmed. Alberta, Canada, along Range Road 30, is the location for most of the episodes in this TV show.

Other locations include a Dude Ranch located south of Priddis in Alberta, the town of High River, and a studio located in Calgary. 

The Heartland Ranch website does not exist; therefore, there are no precise details on the location of the Heartland Ranch house; however, if you are planning to visit in the future, you can get the Heartland Ranch location map on Google Maps.

Can I Visit the Heartland Ranch?

Many fans wonder whether they can visit the Heartland Ranch; unfortunately, that is not possible because the farm is private property. The owner does not allow anyone but the casting crew in the ranch. 

However, tourists are allowed to visit maggies dinner in High River, where they can view the ranch from a distance. You may also consider visiting the Museum of the Highwood, where the actors get their costumes when acting.

Visiting George Lane Memorial Park will also be a great experience! There you will see the Rd Gazebo that hosted Amy’s graduation, be sure to get yourself a souvenir from the shops that sell Heartland memorabilia.

Who Plays Amy on Heartland?

If you love the Heartland TV show, you know that Amy is a talented horse rider and whisperer! Most fans seek to know who plays Amy on the Heartland TV show. Amy, whose real name is Amber Marshall, was born in London, Canada, in 1988. Like her character in Heartland, Amber has a deep affection for horses in real life; she is an avid equestrian!

Amber Marshall
Amber Marshall, Source: imdb.com

Amber enjoyed her first pony ride at the age of four; the two made a perfect match, that is where her passion for horses was born. Other than horses, Amber generally loved animals and always wanted to be a vet. During her high school years, She volunteered at a local vet clinic before getting hired as the clinic’s veterinary assistant.

Having been enthusiastic about acting, Amber joined Lester B. Pearson School for the art before joining the Original Kids Theater Company; she performed her first play at age 8. Due to her charisma and outstanding performance, she obtained an agency in Toronto at age 11.

Amber Marshall joined the Heartland cast at the age of eighteen, which caused her to miss out on university. She won Canada’s Screen Star Award thanks to her stellar performance. 

When did Heartland Start?

If you hear about this show for the first time, you might ask yourself, when did Heartland start? CBC officially launched the Heartland TV show on October 14, 2007.

Due to a slow production rate of one episode per year, this TV show has been airing for nearly fourteen years; it is one of the longest-running TV drama series ever aired in Canada. If you want to watch this show, you can find it on Netflix, CBC or buy it on Amazon.

Despite its huge success, this TV show has shown no sign of stopping. Heartlands’ 12th season began airing in January 2019, 13th in September 2019, and 14th in January 2020.

This TV show has fourteen seasons, each having ten episodes. The last episode of the 14th season aired in March 2021. The production of season 15 kicked off on October 12, 2021, and has ten episodes.

Is Heartland Based on a True Story?

Most people who enjoy this show wonder: is the Heartland based on a true story? The answer is no. The Heartland show is fictional. Mark Haroun wrote the script based on the Heartland novel series written by Lauren Brooke. 

The Heartland book series consists of 26 books, the first series titled ‘Coming Home‘ was published in 2000. Others that followed include, After the Storm, Breaking Free, Taking Chances, Come What May, Sooner or Later, Everything Changes, Tomorrow’s Promise. The last one, “Always There,” was published in 2005.

In an interview on one of the televisions, Lauren Brooke confirmed that her real-life inspires some aspects of the series.

Is Maggie’s Diner From Heartland Real?

Maggie’s tack and feed dinner is a local store in downtown Hudson. This store is the perfect meet-up place in the Heartland from the first to the last season. Lou and Peter had their first blind date at Maggie’s when they began their online correspondence. 

Everyone gets their horse feed, equestrian clothes, and Horse tack at Maggie’s store. Maggies is a place where people meet intentionally for a coffee or lunch and unintentionally when running personal errands, making it the most significant source of Heartlands gossip.

Most fans ask if Maggie’s Diner is real. The excellent news is that Maggie’s Diner is real, and fans can visit! Although you won’t get a cup of coffee or a slice of pie, you can peep through the window and see the set when unoccupied. 

Maggie’s Diner
Maggie’s Diner, Source: Tripadvisor.com

Can All the Actors on Heartland Ride Horses?

Surprisingly, no! Most Heartland actors did not know how to ride horses when the show commenced; they had to learn the basics at a cowboy camp before kicking off. 

Shaun Johnston, who plays the grandfather, Nathaniel Arcand (Scott Cardinal), and Jessica Amlee, who acts as Mallory on the show, are among the few who knew how to ride, having grown up on farms with horses.

Amber Marshall and Alisha Newton are also equestrians in real life and spend a significant amount of time riding in Heartland. Although some of the actors are well experienced, stunt doubles take up the role during the wild scenes due to the risk involved.

Who Owns the Horses on Heartland?

John Scotts, a well-known personality in the film industry, owns most of the horses used in the Heartland film. 

John has acted as a cowman on great productions such as The Revenant, Lord of the Rings, and Unforgiven. He has a rich experience of over fifty years in training animals for movies.  

Scott has a Longview farm in Alberta, where he keeps his horses. This farm is many great shows’ film location. 

He is an acknowledged actor, wrangler, and producer who has worked on more than seven Oscar-winning films to date! A classic Western documentary called True West documented John Scott’s success journey.

True West is a true story that talks about John’s life as a cowboy, an actor, an industry builder, and a respectable leader in the movie and television industry worldwide. 

Who Owns the Ranch Where Heartland is Filmed?

The ranch used to film the Heartland show has left many fans in awe due to its beautiful scenery. Due to its picturesque setting, fans love the farm nearly as much as they love the show! The real Heartland Ranch is located in Hudson, Canada, and has quite a history!

The Heartland Ranch belongs to Roy Foster, his brother, and their parents. They came to the land in 1929, during which they raised cattle. Although Roy Foster lived there through the 1940s, his brother Les Foster built the famous barn on the show.

Parting Thoughts

Heartland is one of the most incredible TV shows ever filmed. Ranches in the Heartland Canada show are breathtaking; the stories and characters will captivate your heart and mind so much that you’ll lose track of time!

You can enjoy this show at home with your family since it is PG-rated with no vulgarity. Heartland is a family-oriented program full of humor, drama, and invaluable lessons regardless of age.

The horses play a significant role in the Heartland series; whether you are a horse person or not, you will love these horses! Horses used in the Heartland TV show are healthy, beautiful, and surprisingly well trained for their roles! Horses are a solid unifying factor in this show; everyone loves them! 

The love we all have for this show is incomprehensible! We hope it carries on for many more years!