7 Best Mineral Blocks for Horses

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What is a Salt Block for Horses?

A horse salt lick contains essential minerals and salts that horses crave. Often combined with other trace minerals, it satisfies a horse’s natural need for salt, aids digestion, and supports overall well-being. You can place it in stables or fields for horses to consume as needed.

Do Horses Need Salt Blocks?

Yes, horses do need a horse mineral block. It provides essential salts and minerals that may be lacking in a regular diet. Offering a mineral block ensures that the horse receives vital nutrients for hydration, muscle function, and overall health. It’s a convenient way to supplement a horse’s nutritional needs, supporting their well-being and performance.

Our Stand-Out Fave

The Horsemen's Pride 100% Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses, stands out as one of the leading products in the equine care market. Mined directly from the ancient Himalayan Mountains, this mineral block contains an impressive range of over 80 trace minerals, including essential ones like iron, potassium, and magnesium. 

These elements are vital in supporting horses’ overall health and well-being. Durability is another strong suit, with the block resisting breakage and lasting longer, even under varying weather conditions. The included rope adds to its appeal, allowing owners to easily adjust the height to cater to their horse’s needs. 

Furthermore, its natural rose-colored appearance, lack of artificial ingredients, and ability to alleviate boredom make it an excellent option for conscientious horse owners. For these reasons, this product is often considered the best mineral block for horses, providing nourishing electrolyte replenishment while fostering a bond between horse and owner.

The Other Favorites Revealed

  1. Horsemen's Pride 100% Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for HorsesBest Overall
  2. Likit Paddock LickMost Convenient Equine Mineral Lick
  3. Horslyx Minis Horse LicksBest Dual-Purposed Salt Lick
  4. Most Entertaining Mineral Horse Treat
  5. North American Salt 90013 Trace Mineral Brick Pet Nutritional SupplementMost Versatile for Various Animals
  6. Himalayan Nature Licking Salt for HorsesBest for Maintaining Digestive Health
  7. REDMOND - Rock on a Rope Unrefined Salt Rock for HorsesBest for Replacing Electrolytes
Horslyx Minis Horse Licks 650g
Horsemen's Pride 100% Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses,7.5 Pounds
Likit Paddock Lick One Size Clear
Product name
Horslyx Minis Horse Licks 650g
Horsemen’s Pride 100% Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses,7.5 Pounds
Likit Paddock Lick One Size Clear
Price not available
Horslyx Minis Horse Licks 650g
Product name
Horslyx Minis Horse Licks 650g
Buy Now
Horsemen's Pride 100% Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses,7.5 Pounds
Product name
Horsemen’s Pride 100% Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses,7.5 Pounds
Buy Now
Likit Paddock Lick One Size Clear
Product name
Likit Paddock Lick One Size Clear
Price not available
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Our Horse Mineral Licks Reviewed

Horsemen's Pride 100% Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses – Best Overall

Amazon’s Choice in Horse Treats by Horsemen’s Pride

Brand: Horsemen’s Pride

Item form: Block on a rope

Recommended uses: For active equines

The Horsemen’s Pride 100% Himalayan salt blocks for horses provide a natural and beneficial treat supporting equine health. Mined in the Himalayan Mountains, this unique rose-colored rock salt is rich in vital minerals like iron, potassium, and magnesium, essential for horse well-being. 

Known for durability, these salt blocks resist breakage and withstand various weather conditions, lasting longer. The adjustable rope allows you to cater to your horse’s specific needs, alleviating boredom and replenishing nourishing electrolytes. More than a health supplement, this product fosters a deeper bond between horse and owner.

Likit Paddock Lick – Most Convenient Equine Mineral Lick

Brand: Talisker Bay

Flavor: Garlic

Talisker Bay’s high-quality equestrian supplement is designed to offer essential vitamins and minerals to horses and ponies, whether they’re grazing or in the stable. As a convenient mineral lick for horses, it’s enriched with garlic, yeast, and Omega-3 oils, providing a balanced nutritional boost. 

The garlic flavor, coupled with a liquid form, makes it an attractive option for those looking to enhance their horse’s well-being. It is a credible option in the equine care market with a clear one-size design and a 4.5-star rating from customer reviews.

Horslyx Minis Horse Licks – Best Dual-Purposed Horse Lick

Brand: PFIFF


  • Garlic
  • Mint

The Horslyx Minis Horse Licks 650g offers a unique blend of versatility and flavor, serving as an animal salt block designed specifically for horses. This garlic-flavored treat goes beyond a mere reward, providing a rich combination of vitamins, minerals, high oil content, and antioxidants to ensure healthy hooves and overall well-being. 

Available in a convenient three-day supply package, these portable mini licks are not just delectable but also function as an engaging distraction during activities like clipping, loading, and veterinary visits. Their dual-purpose design makes them an indispensable asset for horse owners, enhancing both pleasure and vital health benefits.

– Most Entertaining Mineral Horse Treat

Brand: Bizzy Bites

Flavor: Apple, mint

The Bizzy Bites Horse Lick Toy Refill, available in Apple Garlic Mint Original flavor, presents a unique and engaging solution for equine care. Crafted with a special production process that creates a solid center, horses can indulge by licking or scraping this treat. 

When used with a spinning toy, it becomes a tasty reward and an entertaining challenge. Suitable for horses of all life stages, this well-digestible treat can enhance overall health. The flavor combination of apple and garlic mint adds to its allure, making it one of the best mineral blocks for horses seeking an enjoyable treat that promotes well-being.

North American Salt 90013 Trace Mineral Brick Pet Nutritional Supplement – Most Versatile for Various Animals

Brand: North American Salt

Item form: Brick/block

Allergen information: Abalone-free

The North American Salt 90013 Trace Mineral Brick is a valuable horse salt lick and pet nutritional supplement designed to cater to the specific health needs of various animals, including horses, cattle, and pigs. 

This mineral brick offers a well-balanced combination of six essential micro-minerals, namely zinc, manganese, cobalt, copper, iodine, and iron. Its strategic composition not only fulfills mineral deficiencies but also helps in averting significant health issues. 

This product plays an indispensable role in maintaining your animals’ overall well-being and vitality by providing these core nutrients.

Himalayan Nature Licking Salt for Horses – Best for Maintaining Digestive Health

Brand: Himalayan Nature

Item form: Brick/block

The Himalayan Nature Licking Salt for Horse is a premium mineral supplement crafted from salt blocks mined deep within the Himalayas. With its rich mineral content, this rose-colored salt lick offers a valuable source of essential nutrients for your animals, including horses, goats, sheep, and other livestock. 

Designed to promote digestive health and provide naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes, this rock salt lick encourages animals to drink more water and stay hydrated. Its durability makes it resistant to rain and biting, ensuring a longer lifespan. This product is a reliable choice for supporting their balanced dietary requirements.

REDMOND - Rock on a Rope Unrefined Salt Rock for Horses – Best for Replacing Electrolytes

Amazon’s Choice for “Redmond Rock”


Item form: Rock

The REDMOND Rock on a Rope Unrefined Salt Rock provides a versatile solution for equine health as a horse mineral block. Available in a three-pack, these 100% natural salt rocks are an excellent electrolyte replacement, keeping horses engaged and well-hydrated. With over 60 essential minerals and electrolytes, this product effectively restores mineral balance, proving particularly beneficial for horses lacking in vital nutrients. 

The innovative rope design adds convenience, allowing it to be hung in stalls, tied to gates, or taken along during travels. This mineral block enhances your horse’s overall health, hydration, and well-being through thoughtful design and composition while minimizing waste.

A Mineral Salt Lick Comparison 

Then also dive into more details on the different types and include the pros and cons of each)

Explore the salt block for horses market with our comprehensive comparison of the leading varieties, their benefits, and their drawbacks.

White Salt LicksAverage Mineral LicksHimalayan LicksREDMOND Licks
Lick SourceMan-madeMan-madePakistani MinedUSA Mined
Mineral Count27-10>80>60
Mineral Content %VariedVaried2%7%
ContentsSodium ChlorideMinerals, Sweeteners, Fillers, FlavorsUnrefined salted mineralsUnrefined salted minerals

They come in different types, each offering specific benefits and potential drawbacks. Here’s an in-depth look at four primary categories.

White Salt Licks

White salt licks are usually pure sodium chloride and are an essential component of the salt blocks for horses.


  • Cheap: Often more affordable than other types.
  • Availability: Easily found in most feed stores.
  • Simplicity: Provides a basic salt requirement without extra minerals.


  • Lack of Minerals: Contains no other essential minerals.
  • Weather Sensitivity: May dissolve quickly in wet conditions.

Average Mineral Licks

These licks provide an average blend of minerals and are a common horse salt block option.


  • Balanced Nutrients: Contains a mix of essential minerals.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various horse breeds and ages.
  • Affordability: Priced moderately for what they offer.


  • Quality Variance: Composition and quality may vary between brands.
  • Potential Overconsumption: Horses might consume more than required.

Himalayan Licks

Himalayan licks are derived from ancient sea salt deposits and are a natural mineral block for horses.


  • Rich in Minerals: Contains over 80 minerals and trace elements.
  • Durability: Highly resistant to weather.
  • Taste Appeal: Often favored by horses.


  • Price: Generally more expensive than other types.
  • Weight Variance: Size and weight can vary significantly.


REDMOND licks are popular for their unique blend of minerals and can be a go-to animal salt lick.


  • Natural Composition: Contains unrefined minerals.
  • Hydration Support: Encourages drinking and hydration.
  • Range of Minerals: Provides a broad spectrum of nutrients.


  • Cost: Can be on the pricier side.
  • Availability: Might not be easily found in all stores.

These various options offer horse owners a range of choices to match their horses’ needs and preferences, each with its unique characteristics.

Horse licking mineral block

FAQs on Equine Mineral and Salt Blocks

Why do horses need salt blocks?

Horses need a salt block for horses because it fulfills their natural requirement for sodium and other trace minerals. Sodium is vital for many biological functions, including nerve function and fluid balance. 

A salt block encourages proper hydration, aids digestion, and prevents deficiencies that lead to health problems. Offering this block is a beneficial part of a horse’s daily care regimen.

Why do horses like salt licks?

Horses like salt licks as they instinctively seek the minerals and salt they contain. The craving for these elements often leads them to lick natural salt deposits. 

Providing the best mineral block for horses in their stables ensures that they receive these essential nutrients in a controlled way. All these qualities make them an attractive and necessary part of their diet.

Which minerals do equines need? 

Equines need various essential minerals to maintain optimal health. A mineral block for horses often includes:

  • Calcium (Ca): 2.5 parts
  • Phosphorus (P): 1.5 parts
  • Magnesium (Mg): 0.2 parts
  • Sodium (Na): 0.6 parts
  • Chloride (Cl): 0.5 parts
  • Potassium (K): 0.9 parts
  • Copper (Cu): 10-15 ppm
  • Zinc (Zn): 40-50 ppm
  • Selenium (Se): 0.1-0.3 ppm

These ratios ensure a balanced diet, supporting bone health, muscle function, and other vital physiological processes.

How do I feed minerals to my horses?

Feeding minerals to your horses can be done through various methods, and using an animal salt lick is one popular approach. Place the salt lick or mineral block in an accessible location where the horse can reach it. 

Some owners prefer to mix specially formulated mineral supplements into the horse’s daily feed.

What are the signs of equine mineral deficiency?

Equine mineral deficiency can lead to various signs, indicating a need for supplements like salt blocks for horses. These signs may include:

  • Dull and brittle coat
  • Weak or cracked hooves
  • Loss of body weight
  • Muscle weakness
  • Reduced growth in young horses
  • Poor performance and fatigue
  • Nervous or erratic behavior

A balanced diet with the necessary minerals can prevent these symptoms, supporting your horse’s overall health and performance.

Can horses eat too much mineral block?

Yes, horses can consume too much mineral block, although it is generally rare. Offering the best mineral block for horses tailored to their specific needs can minimize this risk. Overconsumption of certain minerals may lead to imbalances and health issues such as diarrhea, weight loss, or more severe conditions related to specific mineral toxicities. 

Monitoring the intake and consulting with a veterinarian or equine nutritionist can ensure the correct balance is maintained for optimal health.

When should I get my horse a mineral block?

You should consider getting a horse salt block for your equine friend when you notice that their regular diet may not fulfill all their mineral needs. Factors to consider include the horse’s age, activity level, existing diet, and any specific health conditions. 

Mineral block

Winding Up

In conclusion, the Horsemen's Pride 100% Himalayan Salt Block on Rope for Horses has earned its reputation as a top-notch product for equine care. Its unique combination of over 80 trace minerals supports the overall health and vitality of horses, distinguishing it as the best mineral block for horses on the market. 

The durability, ease of use with the included rope, and ability to cater to various horse needs set it apart. Moreover, its natural ingredients and ability to alleviate boredom make it an outstanding mineral lick for horses. 

Horse owners seeking an all-in-one solution for their equine companion will find this product the ideal animal salt block, providing nourishment, engagement, and bonding opportunities. 

Its remarkable qualities genuinely encapsulate the essence of equine care, making it an indispensable addition to any horse care regimen.