6 Best Fly Boots for Horses: Our Expert Review Guide

What are Fly Boots for Horses?

As horse owners, we understand the constant battle against pesky flies and insects during warmer months. This is why having the best fly boots for horses is essential. They help protect your equine companion from the irritation of bites.

In this expert review guide, we go beyond the surface, unraveling the intricacies of the six best fly boots. Our goal is not just to recommend but to empower you with insights that enable a well-informed decision.

Horse boots
Kensington Natural Horse Fly Boots - Fleece Trimmed - Stay-Up Technology - Protection from Insect Bites and UV Rays - Sold in Pairs (2 Boots) - Medium - Tan
SHOOFLY Horse Leggins, Patented Loose Fitting Fly Boots, Breathable Plastic Mesh (Orange/Large)
Shires Equestrian Horse Airflow Turnout Socks Teal Full
Product name
Kensington Natural Horse Fly Boots – Fleece Trimmed – Stay-Up Technology – Protection from Insect Bites and UV Rays – Sold in Pairs (2 Boots) – Medium – Tan
SHOOFLY Horse Leggins, Patented Loose Fitting Fly Boots, Breathable Plastic Mesh (Orange/Large)
Shires Equestrian Horse Airflow Turnout Socks Teal Full
Kensington Natural Horse Fly Boots - Fleece Trimmed - Stay-Up Technology - Protection from Insect Bites and UV Rays - Sold in Pairs (2 Boots) - Medium - Tan
Product name
Kensington Natural Horse Fly Boots – Fleece Trimmed – Stay-Up Technology – Protection from Insect Bites and UV Rays – Sold in Pairs (2 Boots) – Medium – Tan
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SHOOFLY Horse Leggins, Patented Loose Fitting Fly Boots, Breathable Plastic Mesh (Orange/Large)
Product name
SHOOFLY Horse Leggins, Patented Loose Fitting Fly Boots, Breathable Plastic Mesh (Orange/Large)
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Shires Equestrian Horse Airflow Turnout Socks Teal Full
Product name
Shires Equestrian Horse Airflow Turnout Socks Teal Full
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Our Picks Reviewed

SHOOFLY Horse Leggins: Best Overall


Material: Breathable plastic

Sizes: Large

Colors: Orange

Product Description

SHOOFLY boots for horses boast a patented loose-fitting design that makes them unique. This innovative approach ensures that the boots provide comprehensive coverage without compromising your horse’s freedom of movement.

The use of breathable plastic mesh is a standout feature. This material offers effective protection against flies and ensures optimal airflow. Your horse is cool and comfortable even in warmer weather.

The sturdy construction ensures that the boots withstand the rigors of pasture life, providing lasting fly protection. They have adjustable straps, allowing horse owners to customize the fit according to the horse’s leg size.


  • Plastic mesh allows for air circulation around the horse’s legs
  • Durable construction with rip-stop technology
  • They are versatile 


  • They are pricey compared to similar products available

Kensington Protective Products Horse Fly Boots: Best Design

Brand: Kensington

Material: Mesh

Sizes: X-large, medium, large, draft


  • Desert sand
  • Deluxe black
  • Kentucky blue
  • Lavender mint
  • Imperial jade
  • Atlantis

Product Description

Kensington Protective Products Horse Fly Boots provide a cutting-edge solution for shielding your equine companion from insect bites and the harmful effects of UV rays. With a combination of fleece trimming and stay-up technology, these fly boots stand out as a reliable and stylish choice for your horse.

They ​​come adorned with fleece trimming, adding a layer of comfort and style. The soft and plush fleece enhances the overall aesthetic and provides a gentle touch against your horse’s legs, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout wear.

These fly boots feature innovative stay-up technology designed to keep the boots securely in place. The stay-up design ensures the boots remain snug around your horse’s legs, providing continuous protection without slipping or sagging.

They are well-designed to withstand the demands of regular use. The quality construction ensures longevity, making them a reliable investment in your horse’s ongoing comfort and protection. 

Additionally, they are available in various design choices, allowing you to choose a style that complements your horse’s coat color and personalizes their protective gear.


  • Strong and secure velcro closures
  • Mesh fabric for breathability


  • Fleece-trimmed fly boots require more time to clean

Shires Airflow Fly Turnout Socks: Best Turnout Socks

Brand: Shires

Sizes: Cob, pony, full

Colors: Teal, white

Product Description

The Shires Airflow Fly Turnout Socks offer a revolutionary solution for equine enthusiasts seeking unparalleled protection against bothersome flies. Designed with innovative airflow technology, these turnout socks shield your horse from insects and provide breathable comfort for extended wear.

The standout feature of these horse fly boots is the incorporation of advanced airflow technology. The unique design allows optimal ventilation, ensuring air circulates freely around your horse’s legs. This not only prevents overheating but also enhances overall comfort during wear.

They provide full-length coverage, providing maximum defense against flies and other flying insects. The extended protection ensures that vulnerable areas of your horse’s legs are well-shielded, allowing them to graze and move freely without irritating insect bites.


  • UV-protective material
  • Ergonomic design for freedom of movement
  • Lightweight yet sturdy turnout socks


  • They are prone to snagging on sharp objects or protrusions 

Fly Free Insect Protection Horse Boots: Best Value

Brand: Fly Free

Colors: Black, blue, orange, red, white

Product Description

The Fly Free Insect Protection Horse Boots offer a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. The design of these fly protection for horse legs extends to provide full leg coverage, offering optimal protection against insect nuisances.

Comfort is paramount, and these boots prioritize breathability alongside protection. The thoughtful design ensures that your horse’s legs remain well-ventilated, preventing overheating and discomfort during wear.

Their user-friendly design allows you to effortlessly fit and fasten the boots, ensuring a snug and secure fit around your horse’s legs. The brand offers these horse boots in versatile sizing options. This ensures that whether you have a pony or a draft horse, you can find the perfect fit, promoting comfort and effective insect protection.


  • Stain-resistant and easy to clean.


  • In warmer weather, the boots may retain heat; this causes discomfort for the horse.

Tough 1 Zebra Mesh Fly Boots: Best Set of Four

Brand: Tough 1

Colors: Zebra, purple zebra

Product Description

Elevate your horse’s protection against pesky insects with the Tough 1 Zebra Mesh Fly Boots. More than just a functional shield, these horse fly boots (set of four) make a stylish statement with their distinctive zebra print.

They provide effective protection against flies while ensuring proper ventilation, preventing overheating and discomfort for your horse. The boots feature a secure closure system, allowing easy wearing and removal while ensuring a snug fit around your horse’s legs.

The design of these fly boots focuses on providing comprehensive coverage for your horse’s lower legs. 


  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Adjustable straps for customization


  • They offer limited protection against UV; you’ll need additional measures to address sunburn concerns.

Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots: Best for Ponies

Brand: Cashel

Material: Mesh


  • Small pony
  • Horse
  • Large pony
  • Arabian
  • Draft
  • Mini pony
  • Warmblood

Colors: Grey, blue, orange, pink

Product Description

Cashel Crusader Leg Guard Fly Boots protect against flies and other flying pests efficiently. The unique design ensures that your horse’s lower legs have a shield, offering a barrier that helps minimize irritation and potential bites. 

These fly boots are more than just a fashionable accessory; they are a reliable defense against bothersome flies and other flying insects. They are one of the best fly boots for ponies. They feature an easy-to-use closure system, allowing you to secure them comfortably around your horse’s legs. 

Additionally, the secure closure guarantees a snug fit, preventing the entry of insects. They have a durable construction that withstands the rigors of outdoor activities. The boots are in different sizes to accommodate various breeds and leg dimensions. This ensures a comfortable and proper fit for horses of all sizes.


  • Made from durable material for longevity
  • They are easy to clean

Key Features of Good Horse Fly Boots

Investing in quality horse fly boots is vital to ensure the well-being and comfort of your equine companion. These essential accessories protect your horse from bothersome flies and insects.

Here are the key features to look for when choosing the best horsefly boots:


Choose fly boots with a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Whether your horse is turned out in the pasture, engaging in activities, or spending time in the stable, durable boots ensure longevity and reliable protection.


Horses come in various shapes and sizes, so opt for fly boots with versatile sizing options. Proper sizing ensures a comfortable fit, preventing the boots from being too tight or loose. Adjustable straps or multiple size choices accommodate different breeds and conformations.

Secure Closure Systems

A secure closure system is vital to keep the fly boots in place. Look for boots with solid and adjustable closures, such as hook-and-loop straps or buckles. A secure fit prevents the boots from slipping or twisting during movement, ensuring constant protection for your horse.

Breathable Materials

Opt for fly boots made from breathable materials that promote air circulation around your horse’s legs. Breathability is essential to prevent overheating, especially during warm weather. 

Well-ventilated boots ensure your horse remains comfortable and can engage in regular activities without discomfort.

Horse turning


How to Put Fly Boots on a Horse

Putting fly boots on pony fly boots on your horse is a straightforward process when done correctly. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for your horse’s fly boots:

  • Prepare your horse: Before you start, ensure your horse is calm and comfortable.
  • Inspect the boots: Ensure they are in good condition with no tears or damage. Check any fastening mechanisms, such as straps or velcro, to ensure they function properly.
  • Open the boots: Unfasten any closures or straps on the fly boots to open them fully. This makes it easier to slide the boots onto the horse’s legs.
  • Pick up the horse’s leg: Stand on the same side as the leg you are working on. Gently lift the horse’s leg, bringing it forward. Ensure your horse is comfortable and balanced.
  • Slide the boot over the hoof: Hold the open fly boot with one hand and guide the horse’s hoof into the boot with the other. Slowly slide the boot over the hoof, ensuring it fits comfortably.
  • Position the boot on the leg: Once the hoof is in, guide the boot up the leg to the desired position. Ensure it is snug but not too tight, allowing for comfortable movement.
  • Fasten closures or straps: Secure any closures or straps on the fly boot. This step ensures that the boot stays in place and provides effective protection. If the boots have Velcro closures, ensure they are well-fastened to prevent slipping.

Repeat for each leg and check for comfort and fit. Ensure that the boots are not too tight or too loose. Check for any signs of irritation and make adjustments as needed.

Do Fly Boots Work for Horses?

Fly boots can protect horses against bothersome flies and other flying insects. These boots are well-designed to cover the lower legs and pastern areas, creating a barrier that helps prevent insect bites and irritation.

The effectiveness of fly boots can vary depending on factors like the design of the boots, the materials used, and how well they fit the horse. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Equine Fly Boots?

Equine fly boots offer a range of benefits for both horses and horse owners, providing a practical solution to combat the annoyance and potential health risks associated with flying insects. 

Here are several advantages of using fly boots for horses:

Insect Protection

The primary benefit of equine fly boots is their ability to protect effectively against flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and gnats. By covering the lower legs and pastern areas, these boots create a physical barrier that helps prevent insect bites, reducing irritation and discomfort for the horse.

Reduced Stomping and Tail Swishing

Horses often stomp their hooves or swish tails to ward off pesky flies. Fly boots help minimize these behaviors, promoting a more peaceful and comfortable environment for the horse. This reduction in stress-related movements can contribute to better overall well-being.

Prevention of Allergic Reactions

Some horses are more sensitive to insect bites and may experience allergic reactions or skin conditions. Equine fly boots provide an extra layer of defense, reducing the likelihood of allergic responses and promoting healthier skin.

UV Protection

Certain fly boots come equipped with features such as UV protection. This additional benefit helps shield the horse’s legs from harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing sunburn and long-term damage to the skin.

How Tight Should Fly Boots Be?

Fly boots should fit snugly around your horse’s legs to prevent insects from entering. However, they should not be excessively tight, which can restrict circulation and lead to discomfort. A snug fit ensures the boots stay in place during movement without causing undue pressure.

Pay attention to closures, whether straps, buckles, or velcro. Fasten them securely to prevent slipping, but avoid over-tightening to the point of pinching or digging into your horse’s skin. Check for proper tension and ensure your horse can move its legs comfortably.

What Are the Drawbacks of Fly Boots?

While fly boots offer valuable protection against bothersome insects, it’s essential to be aware of potential drawbacks associated with their use. Understanding these drawbacks can help you decide when and how to use fly boots for your horse.

Here are some common drawbacks:

Heat Retention

One drawback of some fly boots is that they may retain heat, especially during warm weather. The material used in certain boots may limit air circulation around the horse’s legs, potentially leading to overheating. Choosing fly boots with breathable materials is crucial to mitigate this issue.

Moisture Accumulation

In wet conditions or after exposure to water, certain fly boots may retain moisture. Prolonged moisture against the horse’s skin can lead to irritation, discomfort, and even skin conditions. Regularly check and remove wet fly boots to prevent these issues.

Rubbing and Chafing

Despite proper sizing, some horses may experience rubbing or chafing from the contact of the boots with their skin. This is especially true if the horse has sensitive skin or wears the boots for extended periods. Regularly check for signs of rubbing and adjust or remove the boots as needed.

Limited Protection From Other Pests

While fly boots are effective against flies, they may provide limited protection against other pests, such as ticks or mosquitoes. Consider additional measures, like fly sprays or sheets, for comprehensive pest control.

Limited Visibility

Certain styles of fly boots that cover a significant portion of the horse’s leg may limit the visibility of any injuries, swelling, or skin conditions. 

How Do I Measure My Horse for Fly Boots?

Ensuring the proper fit of fly boots is crucial for your horse’s comfort and the effectiveness of insect protection. Here’s a step-by-step guide on measuring your horse accurately for fly boots:

1. Gather Your Supplies

Before you begin, gather the necessary supplies:

  • A flexible measuring tape
  • A pen or pencil
  • A piece of paper for noting down measurements

2. Measure the Circumference of the Pastern

Begin by measuring the circumference of your horse’s pastern, the narrowest part just above the hoof. Use the flexible measuring tape to encircle the pastern snugly but not tightly. Make sure the tape is level all the way around.

3. Measure the Width of the Coronet Band

Next, measure the width of the Coronet Band, which is the area where the hoof meets the skin. Place the measuring tape horizontally around the coronet band, ensuring it’s snug but not too tight. Note down this measurement.

4. Measure the Height of the Boot

For some fly boots, you may need to measure the height from the bottom of the hoof to the desired coverage point on the leg. If the boots you’re considering provide specific height options, measure from the bottom of the hoof to the desired point on the leg, typically just below the knee or hock.

5. Consider Additional Measurements

Depending on the design of the fly boots, additional measurements may be necessary. For instance, if the boots have straps that go under the fetlock or up the cannon bone, measure the length required for these straps.

6. Refer to Sizing Charts

Once you have all the measurements, refer to the sizing charts provided by the manufacturer of the fly boots you’re interested in. Different brands may have varying sizing recommendations, so it’s vital to adhere to the specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

7. Choose the Appropriate Size

Select the appropriate fly boots size based on your horse’s measurements and the sizing chart. Remember that a proper fit should be snug but not overly tight. The boots should provide sufficient coverage without restricting your horse’s movement.

8. Test the Fit

After receiving the fly boots, test the fit on your horse. Ensure the boots sit securely in place without slipping or twisting during movement. Check for any signs of discomfort, such as rubbing or irritation. Your horse should be able to move comfortably while wearing the boots.

Horse legs in action

Summing Up 

From innovative designs that prioritize breathability to sturdy constructions that withstand the rigors of outdoor activities, each pair of fly boots reviewed serves as a frontline defense, allowing horses to graze, roam, and thrive without the constant interruption of buzzing pests.

Our expert pick is the SHOOFLY Horse Leggings. These professional choice fly boots are durable and made from chemical-free material. They have a heavy-duty, easy-to-fit velcro that ensures the boots stay in position longer. Also, the material is breathable and comfortable for your horse.

May your choice not only repel the nuisances of flies but also contribute to the overall comfort and joy of your horse’s outdoor experiences. After all, a content and happy horse is the ultimate reward for every caring horse owner.

Bestseller No. 1
SHOOFLY Horse Leggins, Patented Loose Fitting Fly...
SHOOFLY Horse Leggins, Patented Loose Fitting Fly…
Size: Medium (14.5″ Length x 14.5″ Circumference Bottom x 18.5″ Circumference Top)
Bestseller No. 5
SHOOFLY Horse Leggins, Prevent Paintful Fly Bites,...
SHOOFLY Horse Leggins, Prevent Paintful Fly Bites,…
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