National Help a Horse Day: Championing Equine Wellness

What is the Observance All About?

National Help a Horse Day is an annual event observed on April 26th to promote the humane treatment of horses, ponies, and mules. It is a day to recognize the hard work and dedication of equine rescues, sanctuaries, and other animal welfare organizations working to improve these animals’ lives. 

Activities during this day may include fundraisers, educational campaigns, and volunteer projects that help promote equine health, safety, and welfare.

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National Help a Horse Day- an Origins Story

In 2013, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) took a strong stand against horses suffering from abuse and neglect by launching its Help a Horse Day initiative. The purpose of this campaign was to call attention to equine welfare across the United States, providing an essential platform for animal rights advocacy.

National Help a Horse Day recognizes the organizations helping at-risk horses and encourages people to come together and make an impact in the equine community. It’s an incredible opportunity for everyone to learn how they can save these majestic creatures!

As many horses across the country face neglect and abandonment, it’s a wonder how rescues and shelters manage to keep up with their tireless efforts. To ensure that these selfless organizations have all it takes for the job, National Help a Horse Day helps them with special programs designed to build better lives for these animals. 

For years this initiative has dedicated itself to advocating horse welfare as its primary goal – now more than ever, there is an urgent need for you to do your part too! The ASPCA is the leading voice for horse welfare, and they will continue to help make sure that every horse—from racing thoroughbreds to companion animals—gets the help they need. 

If you’re looking for ways to help, visit the official ASPCA website and join the movement by volunteering, donating, or even signing up to help at an equine rescue. You can help make a difference and help preserve these incredible creatures on National Help a Horse Day. 

Ways to Celebrate This Day

Contribute to a Sanctuary or Equine Care Charities

One of the best ways to help horses is donating to the ASPCA, which provides emergency medical care, food and shelter, rehabilitation, adoption programs, and more. 

Adopt a Horse

If you have the means and resources to help, consider adopting an ASPCA horse. The organization will help you find the perfect equine companion and help provide the resources needed to help you care for your horse. 

Sign Up to Help Out at an Equine Rescue

Volunteering your time is a great way to help out! Sign up with a local horse rescue or sanctuary and help at their facility.

Participate in a Fundraising Event

Fundraisers help to raise money for equine care charities. You can join by organizing your local event or attending one in your area. 

Learn More About Horse Welfare

Visit the ASPCA website to learn more about horse welfare and find helpful resources to help you help horses in need.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Nowadays, social media is a powerful tool to spread the word about why we need to direct our energy toward helping neglected horses. Post something on your platform with an uplifting caption, and invite your friends! 

Together we can form our community to ensure these gentle animals receive much-needed care. To make this even more impactful, don’t forget to use #NationalHelpAHorseDay when you post online!

The Importance of National Help a Horse Day

Helps to Find Loving Homes for Horses in Need

The welfare of horses is a cause that deserves our attention. National Help a Horse Day is an effective platform to help create awareness about horse welfare and help find loving homes for as many horses as possible.

Draws Attention to Organizations Fighting to Help Horses

The organizations that help horses are often underfunded and need our help. National Help a Horse Day helps to bring attention to the amazing equine organizations that help neglected, abused, and abandoned horses get the help they need. 

Raises Awareness of Horse Welfare Issues

Taking part in National Help a Horse Day helps bring attention to horse welfare issues and helps create a better life for needy horses. 

Provides a National Platform

On this special day, horses and organizations have the perfect opportunity to connect with their community and share the importance of equine welfare. National Help a Horse Day provides the ideal platform to help connect horses and people, help spread awareness about horse welfare and help find homes for horses in need.

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Why do Horses Need Our Help?

Many horses are subject to mistreatment, including neglect, abuse, abandonment, or even retirement from the racing industry. Without adequate care and protection, horses can be subject to malnutrition, inadequate veterinary care, and more. 

We must help horses in need by donating time, money, or resources to equine charities and organizations. Your help can positively impact horses and ensure they receive the care they deserve. 

In 2015, a cruel and unaccountable industry took advantage of 125,000 American horses. Most were healthy animals that could have had prosperous lives; instead, that industry sent them away to Canada or Mexico for slaughter and human consumption. 

As this inhumane practice continues today, even though it is no longer legally viable in the U.S., we must now protect our horses from harm! The U.S. horses are facing a multitude of predicaments, ranging from being sold for slaughter to enduring neglect and abuse. 

Fortunately, there is a ray of hope in the form of millions of compassionate Americans who have the capacity and desire to adopt these animals into their homes. 

A recent survey showed that 2.3 million households indicated they had enough room, resources, and enthusiasm towards taking in an equine companion. Numerous individuals have already taken this step with the assistance offered by various horse rescues and sanctuaries throughout America.

To honor the everyday heroes saving horses, the ASPCA created Help a Horse Day – an initiative dedicated to equine rescues and sanctuaries through grants. 

Promoting these lifesaving organizations on Help a Horse Day will inspire more people to help at-risk horses nationwide. To raise awareness for this cause, actress and horse advocate Beth Behrs from “2 Broke Girls” lent her support to the campaign. 

She emphasized how vital it is to back local rescues and reminded potential owners that adoption should always be their primary choice when seeking a companion animal. By joining in on National Help a Horse Day, we can help make a difference and bring much-needed attention to the needs of horses everywhere. 

From donating to equine charities and organizations to participating in fundraisers and spreading the word online, there are numerous ways we can help horses. So join everyone on  Help a Horse Day, and make a difference for needy horses! 

Support the ASPCA Equine Fund and help positively impact the lives of horses everywhere. It provides resources to rescue and rehabilitate needy horses and promotes adoption through its partner organizations. 

With your help, the ASPCA Equine Fund will be able to continue to help horses in need and make a difference for as many as possible. So join in the celebration and help horses everywhere with your support! Let’s make a difference and help as many horses in need as possible. 

Whether you donate money or resources, post online, or spread the word to your friends and family, every bit of help makes a difference. Together, let’s make a lasting impact and help horses everywhere! 

Interesting Facts About Horses

They Can’t See Red

A horse’s vision is monochromatic, meaning it can only see shades of blue and yellow. Red appears dark gray or black, so it’s best to avoid wearing red around horses as they may not recognize the color. Ensure you don’t wear red clothing when handling, riding or caring for horses. 

They Can Sleep Standing Up 

Horses can sleep both standing up and lying down. Horses in their natural habitat will sleep standing up to remain alert and prepared for predators. If a horse is in an enclosed area with no threat of danger, it will often lie down and sleep. 

They Can Understand Human Emotions 

Horses are incredibly intelligent animals that can pick up on human emotions and respond accordingly. Studies have shown that horses are very sensitive to facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. 

On National  Help a Horse Day, take some time to learn more about horses, their needs, and how you can make a difference in their lives. Every small act can make a difference and help horses in need. So get involved, spread the word, and join in on the celebrations! 

They Have Incredible Memories

Horses have amazing memories, as they can remember locations, paths, and people. This is why it’s essential to be consistent when training a horse, as they can remember positive and negative experiences over time. Additionally, horses can recognize their names when called and even remember music they have heard before! 

National Help A Horse Day is the perfect time to discover more about these amazing animals and bring positive change to their lives. 

They Have a Sweet Tooth

Contrary to popular belief, horses are not herbivores as they have a sweet tooth and love of sugars and fats! As horse owners, we must be mindful of the treats and snacks we provide, as too much sugar can lead to health issues. On this day, ensure you give them healthy snacks and treats to express your love and appreciation for them.


How Can I Help Horses in Need? 

You can help by donating to equine charities and organizations, attending fundraisers, or spreading awareness online about horse welfare. You can also volunteer at rescue centers and sanctuaries or even adopt a horse needing a loving home. 

Where Can I Learn More About ASPCA Horses?

You can visit the ASPCA website to learn more about their equine welfare program. The site also offers resources to help educate the public about ASPCA horses and how they can make a difference in their lives. 

Why is a Horse Important?

Horses have played an essential role in the history and development of the United States. In addition to being a source of transportation and labor, they have been our constant companions, providing joy, comfort, and even inspiration.

In honor of National Help a Horse Day, many organizations are encouraging people to help support equine wellness by donating money or time to horse rescue, education, and advocacy organizations. There are many ways to get involved, from volunteering at a local horse rescue to organizing a fundraiser for equine welfare.

Another way to help horses is by donating items such as hay, feed, bedding, grooming supplies, saddles, and blankets. You can also offer your time by helping with exercise and training sessions, riding instruction, or animal care.

When is National Day of the Horse celebrated?

Horse lovers celebrate National Help a Horse Day each year on April 26th. It is a day to recognize horses’ contributions and their essential role in our lives. The day also promotes equine welfare and encourages people to get involved with horse rescue organizations.

What are Some Ways I Can Take Part in National Help a Horse Day?

There are many ways to take part in National Help a Horse Day. You can attend fundraisers, donate to equine charities, and share information about horse welfare online or with your family and friends. You can also volunteer at rescue centers and sanctuaries and adopt a horse in need of a loving home. 

What is the ASPCA Doing for Horses?

The ASPCA works to protect horses from abuse and neglect as well as support horse owners in need. From providing resources, helping horses find homes, and advocating for better laws to protect horses, the ASPCA is a leading voice for horses everywhere. 

The ASPCA is also the proud sponsor of several equestrian sporting events, educational programs, and research initiatives to help improve the lives of horses.

What are the Requirements for ASPCA Horse Adoption?

Requirements can vary from organization to organization but typically include an application and a home visit. Additionally, many organizations require you to have a minimum amount of experience with horses and meet certain financial requirements. 

It’s important to research the organization you are interested in and check its website for additional information.

What is the Cost of ASPCA Horse Adoption?

The cost of ASPCA horse adoption can vary depending on the organization and location but typically ranges from $250 to $600 depending on the type and age of the horse as well as any additional fees or expenses.

What Types of Horses are Available for ASPCA Horse Adoption?

The ASPCA works with many partner organizations that offer various horse breeds and ages for adoption. Before selecting a horse for adoption, we suggest delving into the particulars of the organization you are considering. This will provide insight into any specific requirements or preferences regarding your choice of equine species.

How Long Does ASPCA Horse Adoption Take?

The process for ASPCA horse adoption can vary depending on the organization but typically involves an application and home visit as well as any additional paperwork or requirements. It’s important to research the organization you are considering, as each may have different timelines.

What are the Benefits of ASPCA Horse Adoption?

By adopting a horse, you will not only provide an equine companion to someone in need but also save them from potential abuse and neglect. Additionally, when you adopt a horse through the ASPCA or another organization, you can get the necessary resources and support. 

Adopting a horse also helps reduce overcrowding in animal shelters and reduces costs associated with boarding and caring for horses. Adopting a horse from ASPCA is an incredibly rewarding experience that can positively impact your life and that of the horse you are considering.

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Final Thoughts

Every year on the 26th of April, we celebrate National Help a Horse Day. This holiday is a dedication to championing equine wellness and raising awareness of proper horse care. It’s also a day to remember all the amazing work organizations like the ASPCA do to help horses in need. 

On this special day, we hope you’ll consider learning more about these beautiful creatures and what you can do to ensure their vitality and well-being. If you’re able, consider donating to a sanctuary or equine care charity to help horses in need.

Your support could make a difference for an abused or neglected horse, and that’s something you can feel genuinely proud of! Happy National Help a Horse Day!