What to WEAR to a Rodeo

Going to the Rodeo

Once in a while, you might experience some difficulty choosing what to wear to a rodeo. This kind of scenario usually comes because a rodeo is a unique event that keeps the American wild west spirit alive.

Therefore, going to a rodeo is not just like going to your other typical event. Instead, you should walk into a rodeo presenting yourself per the event. 

The Basics of Rodeo Outfit Ideas

Western rodeo outfits should follow some specific rules. Therefore, before deciding on choosing what to wear to a bull riding event at a rodeo, there are some basics that you should look at. That is because those rules follow some basic features. 

Whether you are a vintage or a modern cowboy or girl, your rodeo outfit should have some of the natural rodeo event emblems. The dress code should be constructed with some touch of the following properties below:

  • Denim
  • Tartan fabric
  • Chambray
  • Patches made with Bandana fabric
  • Fringe 

The outfit should also have a snap of pockets. On many occasions, these pockets should be denim. The rodeo outfit for both males and females should include cowboy or cowgirl boots, a western hat, a state banner, and a belt. 

For both cowgirls and cowboys going to a rodeo, if your shirt does not have sleeves, you should cover yourself with a jacket. You should keep in mind that the jacket’s features must be per the event during this time. A leather jacket can work well. 

a western hat and belt

Why Does Rodeo Dress Etiquette Matter?

As stated earlier, a rodeo event is not just like any other typical event. As a rodeo participant or a spectator, attending a rodeo with the required dress code means that you will be carrying the American flag high. 

So far, the reason stated above is the main one.

When you are a spectator at a rodeo, Putting on the western rodeo outfits shows respect to the event’s participants. As a spectator, it is obvious that you would desire to give some kind of natural psych to the participants. 

The mind of a rodeo participant will automatically be positive in the game once they notice that several or more spectators are cheering with the right western rodeo outfits. 

In addition, be it a cowboy or cowgirl, what to wear to a rodeo has to fit with everyone else naturally. So what other way to fit in than to be in a perfect rodeo outfit like the rest of the spectators and participants?        

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Denim

For gentlemen, the denim should not be too tight. If it’s a pair of denim trousers, it should cover some of the boots at the bottom. The bottom should not be so tight to hold up the boots. 

For the ladies, denim jeans can be tighter than the gents’. The denim should be the standard size for children: a perfect fit that is not tight or buggy. In most cases, wearing denim should include some more features. This factor cuts across both gentlemen, ladies, and children. 

When wearing denim, remember that you:

Don’t Wear Very Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans have an unflattering way that negatively affects your appearance. Therefore, it could be a poor choice, especially when going to a rodeo event. Relaxed and loose jeans are your best option when choosing what to wear to a rodeo.

Also, do not wear denim jeans with hanging fabric at the bottom end. Whether you are a man or a lady, hanging fabric at your jean’s bottom end might affect your rodeo looks negatively. 

Also, do not wear denim jeans containing too much fabric. Too much material drags on the ground causing damage to the jeans.

Wear a Belt

Primarily for men and women, remember to wear a belt every time you wear denim. A properly fitting belt comes in very handy for your jeans to fit you properly. 

On the other hand, the belt also adds some elegance to your denim. To bring color and geometry to your denim wear, remember to wear a proper size belt.

Do Not Wear a Belt the Exact Color as Your Denim

When you wear jeans of the same color as your belt, the outfit can not come out as it should. You will not appear as if you are wearing a belt, thus ruining your rodeo looks.

Therefore for a nice look, always remember to choose a belt with a different color than your denim. 

Rodeo Accessories for Everyone!

There are several accessories to look out for when going to a rodeo. These accessories differ under gender. There are accessories for gents, ladies, and children to bring out the rodeo looks.  These accessories always naturally go well with the things to wear to a rodeo: 

Accessories for Men 

  • Western gloves
  • Leather wallets
  • Bolo ties 
  • Scarves 
  • Knives and other knife accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Money clips 
  • Patches, flags, key chains, stickers 
  • Buckles
  • Belts

Accessories for Women

  • Women’s keychains
  • Cowgirl hat
  • Stickers
  • Lady scarves
  • Handbags luggage
  • Female wallets
  • Female lotions
  • Female perfumes
  • Female jewelry
  • Female belts

Rodeo Accessories for Children

  • Kids jewelry
  • Kids rodeo hat
  • LIttle buckles
  • Lotions
  • Kids rodeo stickers
  • Kids patches 
Rodeo mom and daughter

Things NOT to Wear to a Rodeo

You need to be careful when choosing what to wear to a bull riding event at a rodeo. Below are some of the attires you should not wear to a rodeo event:

  • Formal clothing: You should not be too formal. A rodeo event is not an office. This fact applies to both indoor and outdoor rodeos. 
  • Heavy bags: Bulky backpacks are not comfortable in that during the event, you cannot easily move around. 
  • Short dresses and skirts: This point cuts across the ladies. If your dress or skirt is too tight, you won’t walk easily. That fact would limit your fan at the event.  
  • High heels: Also, for the ladies, you should not wear any shoes or boots with high heels. The heels negatively affect your foot motion hindering your movements at the event. The heels also affect you in that you will quickly get tired. The fatigue comes by because most of the time is spent standing and cheering. Therefore always avoid high heels at a rodeo. 
  • Other clothes to not wear to the rodeo include dry or clean apparel, contestant-specific gear, and chaps. 

FAQs on Rodeo Wear

There are several frequently asked questions about what to wear to a rodeo man, woman, or kids. These questions are listed below:  

Is There Any Rodeo Etiquette to Follow?

Yes, there is a rodeo etiquette that must be followed. Rules guide etiquette, like wearing the right outfits to bring out the correct rodeo looks.

Others include making sure that your flag is not flying backward. Make sure your hands have a good grip on the flag. Another one is to stand still during the singing of the national anthem at the rodeo. 

What Should Men Wear to a Rodeo?

Men have quite a variety of outfits to wear to a rodeo. They should wear blue denim jeans, a cowboy hat, a pair of cowboy boots, a belt buckle, a leather belt, and a neck scarf. The above attires are at the core of making you, as a gentleman, stand out at a rodeo event. 

What Should Women Wear to a Rodeo? 

Women are not left behind. There are several rodeo outfits for women to choose from. They can wear denim jean skirts, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, Leather belts, statement jewelry, leather sleeve buttons, or snap western shirts.

What are Some of the Alternatives for Cowboy Boots? 

Do not worry if you don’t want to wear boots to the rodeo. There are several other alternatives to cowboy boots that you can choose from. Some of the western shoes besides boots that you can wear are: 

  • Deer stags Herman shoes
  • Roper Darcy shoes
  • Western fleece slide slipper
  • Durango music city slip on 
  • Sol Sana Eastwood slide 
  • Ariat cruiser fringe shoes
  • Laredo boho shoes
  • Fitflop lace-up fringe sneakers
  • Moccasins

What Should I Wear to an Indoor Rodeo? 

When attending an indoor rodeo, there are several rodeo fashion outfits that you can choose to wear. Some of them are:

  • Cowboy hat
  • Short sleeve button or either a snap western shirt 
  • Cowboy moccasins 
  • Leather belt
  • Blue denim skirt
  • Statement jewelry
  • Blue jeans 

What are the Main Types of Rodeo Events? 

The major types of rodeo events include:

  • Bull riding
  • Team roping
  • Steer roping
  • Bareback riding
  • Tie-down roping
  • Barrel racing
  • Saddle bronc riding
  • Steer wrestling 

What is a Pickup Rider? 

The person working at a rodeo on horseback during the rough stock competitions is a pickup rider. The role of a pick-up rider is to assist the competitors and make sure that they are entirely safe the whole time. 

Cowgirl fashion

Rodeo Done Right!

Dressing for a rodeo requires the best thoughts and knowledge for you to stand out. This article has eased your search for the best outfit, whether it’s for a man, woman, or a child going to a rodeo. 

All you need to do is follow the simple steps and instructions above. In return, you will improve your cowboy dress code, and for sure, you will turn heads.