Creative Horse And Rider Costumes to TRY

Fancy Dress for You and Your Horse 

Dressing a horse is not as easy as dressing smaller pets like dogs and cats; however, there are many creative horse and rider costumes. 

Creating costumes for your horse is a fun activity and bonding opportunity for the horse and rider. There are many equestrian rider costume themes to explore.

So whether you are going for a holiday theme, fun, humorous, or looking for an idea for a child, there is someone for everyone.

Woman and horse with elf fantasy costume

Creative Horse and Rider Costume Ideas

There are many horse and rider costume themes to consider; therefore, whatever theme you have in mind, whether it is a holiday, witty, or special for a kid, here are some options.

A horse costume does not have to be complicated or costly; it can be as simple as a splash of paint or hours of putting together a much more complex outfit. 

Making the costumes will sometimes require decent makeup skills, a creative mind, and time. Some outfits are minimalistic, quick, and easy to finish, while others are extremely detailed to achieve the desired look.

The occasion for the dress-up, such as a competition or just a simple dress-up day, will also influence how far you want to go with the costume.

Not everything has to be an original design made from scratch, especially for the rider. Many specialty stores focus on holiday costumes that you can rent or buy. 

However, the costumes created from scratch are the most interesting as the creative process brings that special touch, and there is also a feeling of accomplishment and pride when the outfit is complete. Making costumes is a great activity for kids. 

Halloween Horse Costumes

Halloween is synonymous with dressing up in spooky and fun outfits, but the scarier, the better. Halloween costumes make great horse costume ideas for adults and children.

Here are some Halloween horse and rider costume ideas for inspiration. 

Dragon Horse Costume 

This costume idea will depend on how far you want to go with the makeup, as it requires the horse to stand still for a while. You can go for battle-ready fire-breathing lizards or a whimsical fairytale fantasy look. The process can be complex, but the results are rewarding.

Use hair color and gels to bring out the design and the look resembling a dragon. The rider’s customs can be any character from historical tales, such as a princess, a knight, a fearless king, and many more.

Ghost and Ghouls

The ghost and ghouls costume is an easy one, a white draping for the horse and a white robe for the rider to represent the ghosts. Use light, flimsy material and add some streamers for an ethereal look. 

Ghouls are traditionally dark and scary; therefore, choosing a dark green or black fabric for the horse will be perfect. Depending on how far you want to go with the rider, face makeup representing ghouls would be an interesting touch. 

Grim Reaper

The black-on-black ensemble of the angel of death will send chills through other riders. Drape the horse in black streamers from head to toe and embellish the bridle and rein for maximum effect.

To achieve this look, you will need a lot of black fabric. The horse rider costume will be a black head-to-toe ensemble comprising a long black hooded robe that covers the feet, a mask, gloves, a shirt, and shoes. 

Headless Horseman 

This costume idea is more for the rider than the horse, as The headless horseman’s costume is more for the rider than the horse. Go all out and bring out the terror of Ichabod Crane tales with a black cape, and use a carved pumpkin for the head or painted head resembling the headless rider.

Medieval Knight

Historical figures make great Halloween costumes. From knights, kings, queens, princes, and princesses. The medieval knight costume can be simple draping of silver and black fabric, or it can be complex, depending on how far you want to go.

Full armor with blankets and other medieval accessories will complete the look; the sky’s the limit.


Halloween costumes with horses will not be complete without the pumpkin, a symbol of fall. The orange color of pumpkins also makes excellent accessories and decor. There are many options, such as pumpkin head or pumpkin printed on fabric.

Pumpkins can also be added as accessories to the sides of the horse, while corn stalks for a finishing touch.

If your horse can stand still, a full coat of paint on the horse representing a carved orange pumpkin also looks great. 


Skeletons make cool, interesting Halloween costumes and decor and are easy to make. Paint the actual equine skeleton white on the horse for a realistic look. If painting the horse is challenging, consider face paint or draping fabric with a skeleton print for the horse.

Costume ideas for the rider are many, considering skeletons are one of the most popular costume ideas for Halloween. You can go for a demon rider for a full skeleton; the options are endless.

Spiders and Webs

Spiders and webs represent the spooky season with many options, such as paint and fabric cut to represent webs. You can also make a large-size web to drape over the horse as a saddle.

Small spider paintings or printed fabric on the horse can also be an exceptional touch.


Witches’ costumes are fun and another popular costume for Halloween. With so many possibilities, you can play around with hats, brooms, and capes for riders. 

Cover the horse with a blanket or fabric accessorized with symbols related to witches, such as the quarter moon and stars. 


Zombies are a staple of Halloween, and fake blood coupled with appropriate makeup to match the undead will finish this look. Finish the look for the rider with zombie clothing that is dirty and torn with a splash of blood.

Zombies make easy DIY horse and rider costumes. The great thing is your horse will not need much preparation, which is suitable for non-fiery horses. Some spooky browbands, leg wraps, or spider web mane tassels will add to the zombie effect of the horse. The rider can play with matching textures and colors.  

Masked horses

Horse Christmas Costumes

Christmas costumes bring the holiday spirit to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Bring the Christmas cheer with these horse and rider costume ideas.


The Santa helpers are cute horse and rider costume ideas, and because elves come in many shapes and sizes make great outfits for kids and adults. Get creative with the green, white, and red outfits of Santa’s helpers in the stalls. Add funny hats and stockings, and accessorize with hammers and other tools to complete the look. 


Make a costume for Santa’s sleigh pullers by draping the horse with a white blanket around the head and adding sleigh bells and antlers for an additional touch.

This costume will be an excellent fit for a horse that pulls. Assemble a few other horses and dress them in the same outfit and attach a sleigh for a complete ensemble representing a pack of reindeer.

Santa Claus 

Bring the red-white Santa Claus, look at the barn, and go all out in costume. A full Santa look with the beard for the rider and the signature red and white for the hat, leg covering, and a blanket to accessorize the horse. 

The great thing about this costume is the simplicity of the red fabric with white trimming with the warm velvet keeping the horse and rider warm for winter activities. You can add a white mane to the horse for Santa’s beard. 

The pair of Mr. and Mrs. Claus always makes a cute traditional look and will be a great Christmas costume.

Horse Fancy Dress Costumes

Costume dressing for a horse is not limited to the holidays; take advantage of events throughout the year to don you and up with your horse in some interesting garb.

There are so many other themes that you can dress the horse throughout the year inspired by various genres, such as characters from history, books, comics, and movies.

The Marvel and DC characters are some of the most popular costumes, and matching the same for your horse adds an interesting spin. 

When considering fancy dress, think about comic figures like the Incredibles, Batman, Catwoman, Black Panther, Iron Man, and many more. It is easy to find costumes for riders; however, you will have to get creative with the horses.

Batman and Wonder Woman

A team of comic characters has a great horse and rider costume look that will stand out; you may need to have another person to achieve the final costume look. The black, grey, and yellow costume for both rider and horse represents Batman. 

You can go for the traditional Batman and Robin team or pair the characters with other characters like Superman and Wonder Woman, even if it does not make sense; the rules do not apply. 

Captain America 

The costume in blue, red, and white colors will make the hero loved by everyone stand out in the crowd and even win you a trophy. Find a round item and make a shield and paint in Captain America colors, and don’t forget the blue face mask.

The rider can easily match this look with an outfit from a costume shop purchased online or use your sewing skills to make your own. 

Harry Potter Horse Costume 

Turn your horses into Hippogriffs and Thestrals, and bring this book and movie franchise into your costume; the choice of characters is endless.

Use some wires to make glasses, ensuring they don’t hurt the horse’s eyes. Add the signature black, red, and white fabrics as a tie or scarf for the rider. You can add a lightning bolt, and do not forget the uniform look with the jacket and glasses for the rider. 

Jack Sparrow

This infamous movie pirate character will make a great costume idea for you and your horse. 

Braid the horse’s hair or tail, and add some embellishments and head wraps for both rider and horse. 


Superman is another popular comic hero that will make a great costume idea for both rider and horse. The red cape is key to the costume, and don’t forget to include the mask and the tights to bring the costume to life. 

A themed blanket, hoodie, and saddle pads for the horse complete the whole look. 


The unicorn, a great costume for kids, will bring this legendary creature to life. The unicorn, depicted as a horse or goat with a horn, makes a great costume; the key is trying to bring the fantasy to life. 

Add the horns, which you can purchase from costume stores or online marketplace. Tint the tail to match the color of the fabric to finish the decor, and the rider wears a matching outfit of the same colors.

Funny Horse Costume 

Put your humor to the test by playing with fun-themed ideas; the goofier, the better. Do not worry about making mistakes; some funniest costumes have come out of unintentional errors.

Some ideas are wordplay that will bring a chuckle, and others are full attires for you and your horse. 


The ballerina is an excellent costume for a rider who is also a ballerina. Use chiffon fabric to drape the horse and match it with a ballerina outfit of the rider. 

Depending on how far you want to go with this costume, you can teach the horse some ballerina tricks, such as a bow or other cute movements. 


The striped black and white make a good costume. You can make matching outfits for both you and your equine friend. Draping a matching striped blanket over the horse’s back is an exquisite touch. 

Switch it up by making the horse the cop and the rider the inmate or the other way round; either way, it would be fun. 


Minions are a great costume for a pony with yellow and denim overalls. Finish the ensemble with pool noodle arms, and don’t forget the signature spectacles frames. The rider matching the outfit with the pony is one of the funny and cute horse and rider costume ideas.


Putting on the scrubs, wig, and mask will complete the ensemble. The horse fabric matching the color of the nurse scrubs draped over the horse matches the horse and the rider. 


Consider playing with words such as changing subway to subhay while keeping the colors and design for a hilarious idea.

Kids Horse Costumes

Some of the costumes already mentioned, such as comic characters, unicorns, and minions, make great costumes for smaller riders. Accessorizing outfits with glitter, flowers, braids, and ribbons will add a special touch to the horse costume. 

For kids, go for a whimsical soft appearance to match the horse’s decor, such as princesses or a fairy. You can add wings for a fairy princess and a crown made of flowers; the possibilities are endless. 

Other costume ideas to consider for kids are their favorite cartoon characters, such as SpongeBob and the Flintstones. Creating the costumes can be a great fun family time activity.

Another great idea for kids’ horse costumes is sunflowers. Cut and paint fabric into a sunflower shape and add a twist on the costume with the rider wearing a bee costume.

Painting Costumes

Using paint is an easy way to make DIY horse and rider costumes. A few paint strokes can be the minimalist solution for a costume or when you don’t have time. 

A touch of face paint and hairspray will transform your horse and you into whatever creative idea you have. An example would be to mimic a baseball on your chestnut horse or paint the horse to represent a giraffe or a zebra. 

Extensive paint artwork will require a horse to be still for a long time, challenging for high-temperament and large horses.

If you are using paint, you will need to allow time for the paint to dry, which means you will have to start your work hours before your showcase. 

The rider can match the look with a ready-made costume which you can get on marketplaces like Amazon.

Be cautious before using paint by ensuring it is appropriate to use on horses and will not cause an allergic reaction.

Horse costume

Final Say

The key to a great costume is fun; put your artistic skills to the test and try some of these ideas. You can take time to prepare for a holiday theme for a showcase or a quick dress-up for a normal Tuesday ride.

The best horse and rider costumes are those with flaws, and the goal is not perfection. Some outfits will come out horrendous, but remember this play dress up, have fun and enjoy the process.

Just be aware that some equines will not have the patience to stand for hours to be donned or painted over. 

So whether it is for a memorable holiday or if you feel like having a fun dress-up day, think outside the box and pick a costume idea for the next dress-up event.